Title: AHMET SIK – KITAP DOKUNAN YANAR (IMAMIN ORDUSU). Page number ISSUU Downloader is a free to use tool for downloading any book or. Oookitap: “dokunan yanar”(Book) 1 edition published in in Turkish and held by 12 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Islam and politics; Turkey;. The Imam’s Army (Turkish: İmamın Ordusu) is a book by Turkish journalist Ahmet Şık on under the title ‘kitap’ (which was the name of the file on the computer ). You can find it in the internet under the title ‘dokunan yanar’.

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Memetics dictates that it will never be extinct.

IMAMIN – Google Drive

He and many other writers and journalists are in Silivri prison under dokuna custody, waiting to be told what exactly they are guilty of. They have therefore already served long and decaying sentences. However, reasonable, free thinking and progressive minds in Turkey have a different opinion.

With the highest number of pending cases at the European Court of Human Rights and a world number one rank for jailed journalists with 57 behind bars, Turkey is hardly the modern secular democracy it was supposed to be. The book was launched in the Istanbul Book Fair. There had been news that the book would dokjnan translated into English, which now seems realistic following the official release of the original.

Şik, Ahmet [WorldCat Identities]

A thank sokunan goes out to the mind of reason who suggested and carried out this translation. I mean, it began with the establishment of the Republic and it is a continuing process. Actually, eradicating the danger in this country posed by threats to the regime expressed at every opportunity by reactionary opposition has been a scourge. Already in the s it was not their own initiative, but a mere curbing of Islamist displays of force and threats to the state the moment that the need arose.

The junta, who had seen leftist cells emerge even within the army, made efforts to develop nationalist and religious thought through its own institutions even before the 12th September coup, and after the coup brought the system to life through all state institutions in all four corners of the nation.


For religion and Islam, the truth was that Islamists were ready and open about being used by the state to suppress left and socialist thought. State politics changed after Before that, anarchists and Marxists posed a danger, afterwards religious fanatics. Therefore it was necessary for the deep state to establish relations with these yanwr groups and to work together with them.

The mitap was to make peace between them and the state. With this goal in mind, the people making state kitsp established ties with those in the higher echelons of the religious groups. This is not expedient: See how some Islamic groups expanded after the 12th September. But did they grow by their own steam? Another person issuing a similar warning is Galatasaray University lecturer Prof.

At the moment they make up the management and selected employees. We can already see today how the National Education Ministry is acting as a missionary, trying to dissipate Alevi identity by representing it as Sunni Islam.

The same people are gaining employment inside the Home Office. They have partially entered the Justice Ministry.

Ahmet Şık’s Imam’s Army: The First 6 Pages In English

And soldiers are coming under surveillance and are being purged following the 28th February event because they are afraid of the monsters they themselves created. In a very clear way this mechanism was their making through supporting them in the s and strengthening them in the s.

There were other yabar of the Turkish-Islamic synthesis and other movements. These circles are now in conflict with the military in order to develop to a level where they can fight for themselves.

They are all nationalists. They grew up and were politicised in the anti-Communist movement.

The deep state allows them to continue, as long as it is under its regulation. If something escapes their regulation, it becomes a threat. Here we come to the topic of unbelievable Muslim Turk elitism.


This sound seems to come from Mohacs. This sound is louder than Manzikert.

This sound echoes the veterans of Dookunan. This sound is the sound of those who wish problems to be solved through the rule of law, and the sound of those who have vowed to save the spirit of this nation. They wanted the 12th March to be too. They had foreseen that the opposition on the 12th March would be unready and insufficient. Thus during the Ziverbey interrogations their true colours were revealed and one by one their atrocious ideas came to light.


The 12th of March was not an insurrection and coup. It was a warning to the government kitapp clear terms. Certainly we cannot approve of it taking military form. It is impossible to approve of them choosing to bring a government to its knees by force. But it is possible to view this operation as the prevention of a much worse one. The coalition government of the latter two parties formed after the election was dissolved after losing a vote of confidence which the Welfare Party had petitioned the Constitutional Court for.

Due to this, the Welfare Party, as the largest party in Parliament, joined the second largest, the True Path Party, in a coalition which won a vote of confidence on the 8th Kotap But the existence of this government provoked already uncomfortable soldiers into adopting the attitude that they would behave as they wanted and brought to life a number of dark conspiracies ending in the 28th February process.

Until the 18th April elections this government governed to the letter of the 28th February decisions. The 8 year uninterruptable education law was accepted by parliament. Additionally, in order to reduce the power of the IPS, the decision was taken to lower the number of additional points given to vocational high school students who had made the choice to study at university outside their department.

Necmettin Erbakan and 6 other party members were given a 5-year ban from politics.