Fort Lee – New York – r Fort Lee Exp Linwood Park Via River Road bus route by NJ TRANSIT in New York City. towards Fort Lee Exp Linwood Park Via River Road towards New York Express Via River Road. Port Authority Bus Terminal · Lincoln Harbor · Port Imperial Blvd . Transit stops and other details for (To R NEW YORK To FORT LEE ROUTE 5 (ANDERSON AVE AT BRINKERHOFF AVE).

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Every weekday afternoon our neighborhood is overrun by New Jersey Transit buses: This problem is not just a nuisance it is a pedestrian safety issue.

We have reached out to the NYPD for assistance and have seen little improvement.


Every time you witness a Buw Jersey Transit bus creating an unsafe traffic condition file a complaint on the NJT website.

Be sure to include the date and time of the incidentthe route and bus number, and as much detail as possiblethe form also allows you to include an attachment, so take pictures.

Keep track of the complaint information in case its needed at a later date. You can log the complaint in the comments section of this post. So start filing complaints and share this information with your networks. Buss r from Fort Lee, NJ always late, today like many other times late 45min. I can believe this happening in USA. The greatest country in the world.

NJ transit lmao you guys are laughable and I know this complaint will go no where.

Im sure none of you will even read it. Im gonna start organizing to get these complaints dealt with. Today I had the worst day of being involved with your company as a customer. I had court in Patterson today and used your bus route to get there from Secaucus WOW its sad that your drivers care not one little bit for their riders. I had your diver try to beat a light in Patterson today at Main and Grand Ave in trying to beat the light he drover around a smaller bus that was stopped at the stop the whole time my wife and I were waving him down but he tried to pass us the only reason we were even able to board the buss was because he did not make it trying to beat the red light Then as we were boarding he spoke in a nasty way to my wife telling her that she needs to wave her hand to stop the bus much earlier.

This so called man was very nasty in the way he spoke to my wife. Im on parole and if I was not I would have yanked him off the bus and showed him that you do not talk to a woman in that manor.

My wife even though still treated this jerk with respect. I kept my mouth shut because I dont want to go back to prison for killing one of your drivers.

Is there a problem with what you pay them? Many of your drivers talk to people like they are less than human. Let me ask this would you like a waiter serving your food to you to be nasty and treat you like you have no rights? I filed a complaint today about this man whom also called me an asshole as I was getting off the bus. Im going to look into this and have lots of time to pick thru all your web sites and phone numbers to see just how I can get on the phone to start shaking things up a bit.


Im so tired of paying a lot of money and getting the worst possible service I can get. Some of your drivers are very good people but your company seems to be hiring from the bottom of the barrel. Im going to start video taping this specific driver because this is not the first time I have had words with this man. I know you will doubt this because everyone says black people cant be racist. You now have an enemy and a formidable one at that.

Im sure they would be interested in a driver using racial slurs to his passengers. Lets go Game on. NJ Transit bus 78 Secaucus to Newark drivers should always have the ok to call if is backed up with traffic and not have their passengers sit on a bus for a extra hour. The rus route is the worsest ride I been onwe almost got into plenty of accidents, she drives to fast ,ran helps stop signs.

Bus 6 denial to stop at corner of pearsall ave and ocean ave at 1: I think New Milford Destination: Well the incident happened in River Edge. I take this route on Kinderkamack Road through River Edge every day to go to work in the morning.

Every single day there is an incident just like this one and even worse, I have seen people go into on-coming traffic lanes to avoid these buses when they pull off a bus stop. This morning the same thing happened and I am just so fed up with the buses pushing their weight around and risking the lives of me, my family, friends, and public.

The video clearly shows the hazard lights on while scheduld bus is pulled over to load passengers so I am driving and going to pass on the left hand side, than the driver guns it off of the bus stop as though I never existed with his hazard lights still on.

I had to slam my brake pedal to avoid this close accident. Please take care of this matter in a strict and swift manner, this is happening every single day everywhere. You can start with this driver as an example. Attached to this, I will be sending a screenshot from the dash-cam footage that clearly shows the Bus as well. The is late as usual. To and from the city. The 8pm never came so now after my loooong day I have to wait for the 9pm?

This is brutal man please fix this!!! Your driver from Atlantic City is very very rude and disrespectful. She is late boarding and late leaving everyday. I also blame the guy who backs the buw out. And this driver never ever has a name plate. Everyday is a problem with her attitude.

And forget leaving on time. Then she wants to race down the expressway to make up for leaving late. I have a monthly bus pass and its so aggrevating.


Bus Ferry Travel Option Videos

The North Bergen park and ride am bus was a no show so I just wanted to thank NJT for my time wasted standing in the cold for 40 minutes with over 60 people people also trying to get to work. Oh and the Best part is two NJT buses drive by us with the out of service light on just to add more irritation to our morning. The bus that goes from Elmood park to NYC is always late in the morning. I was waiting at midland ave Wallington all the morning.

Would you get this bus organized? It s Shane that the monthly payments increase and service is bad. This is winter and it s had to wait in the cold for late bus drivers!!!

It a bit hard to send bus drivers on time! Do your job right! Had similar issues above nasty abusive drivers. Hope they like fresh black coffee. I will claim oops maybe you should slow down and your face wont be scolded. Cut me off while turning into left lane and ran a red light off Route 28 heading to Cranford at 7: Eventually, this so-called driver will get into an accident. Just wanted to add from my prior statement. License on the bus was OYA Beware anyone who drives this route of this unsafe driver.

Wtf this is only getting worse. Does anyone want to get together and start gathering signatures to try and really make a change… does anyone know where we can start official complaints? It seems that after reading many of the posts here real change needs to be happen. Today driver was 35 minutes late. After giving up and walking back. Saw the bus and flagged it. He said find a sign.

I said i waited over a half hour and was walking back to call. He said fuck you sit down. I asked for his name. He said my name is fuck you. I said i pay for a ride. I expect a ride thats it.

You were late im not waiting forever. He then threated me. Saying dont worry ill get you next time. I demanded off the bus. He once again said Fuck you. At the next stop i got off but he was cute and tried to get my foot jammed in the door. There wont be a next time grant you i will have my car fixed and will be persuing a lawsuit against Coach USA. Since they hire abusive gangbangers and terrorist. Judging by the comments here this is looking like grounds for a very large class action lawsuits.

Lawsuits like this can be very detrimental to the companies future. If there really is no intent of this company to resolve any issues than that would be tge result.