View and Download KAWASAKI NINJA ZX service manual online. ZZR ZZR ABS Ninja ZX Motorcycle Service Manual. JKBZXT40AAA ZXT40A JKBZXT40ABA ZXB6F ZXT40B EvilTwin’s Avatar. Join Date: Oct Location: Orange, CA. Posts: 5, I Ride : Versys. Kawasaki ZX and ZZR Service Manual. Tue, 20 Nov GMT kawasaki zx14 zx pdf – View and. Download KAWASAKI. NINJA ZX service manual online. NINJA. ZX

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Be alert for problems and non-scheduled ticular interest for more efficient and con- maintenance. Special tools, gauges, and Indicates a procedural step or work to be testers that are necessary when servicing done. To facilitate actual operations, notes, illustra- tions, photographs, cautions, and detailed descriptions have been included in each chapter wherever necessary. Gaskets, O-rings, oil seals, grease seals, circlips or cotter pins maanual be replaced with new ones whenever disassembled.

Then tighten them according to the specified se- quence to prevent case warpage or deformation which can lead to malfunction. Be sure to maintain proper alignment and use smooth movements when installing. Ball Bearing and Needle Bearing Do not remove pressed ball or needle unless removal is absolutely necessary.

Lubri- cation points are called out throughout this kawasaku, apply the specific oil or grease as specified. Direction of Engine Rotation When rotating the crankshaft by zx41, the free play amount of rotating direction will affect the adjustment. Overall Width mm Overall Height 1 mm Wheelbase 1 mm Road Clearance mm 4. Seat Height mm Type Telescopic fork upside-down Wheel Travel mm 4. Type Swingarm uni-trak Wheel Travel mm 4. A LCD liquid crystal display display in the meter unit displays information such as bat- tery voltage, fuel consumption, and service codes in addition to the conventional indicator functions.

In the CAN communication system, anti-noise twisted pair leads are used two leads.

Twisted Pair Leads [A] In the main harness 2. Data is transmitted from the two nodes-the ECU and meter unit-on the CAN bus and does not contain specific bus addresses of either node.

Torque and Locking Agent The initial maintenance is vitally important and must not be neglected. Tighten the two clamp bolts alternately two times to ensure even tightening torque. Apply grease to the threads.


Pilot Screw Adjuster, C: Pilot Screw Adjuster Adapter, 5: If the free play is incorrect, adjust the throttle cables. Throttle Grip Free Play Manaul Record the number of turns. Torque – Bypass Screw: If handlebar movement changes the idle speed, the throttle cables may be improperly adjusted or incorrectly routed, or damaged.

If it does not locked, reinstall the hose joint. Adjustment Shims Part Number Thickness 2. Measure the clearance with engine cold.

Check present shim size. Match clearance in vertical column with present shim size in horizontal column. Install the shim specified where the lines intersect. This shim will give the proper clearance. If the clearance is out of the specified rage, use the additional shim. Apply the oil to the O-rings so that the O-rings will be coated with oil.

A chain that breaks or jumps off the sprock- ets could snag on the engine sprocket or lock the rear wheel, severely damaging the motorcycle and causing it to go out of control. If it does not, adjust the brake light switch.

If the shock absorber does not smoothly stroke or noise is found, inspect the oil leak see Rear Shock Absorber Oil Leak Inspection.

Special Tools – Jack: If the steering is too loose, tighten the stem nut a fraction of a turn. If the light does not go on, inspect or replace the following item. If the low beam headlight does not go on, inspect or re- place the following item. If the headlight beam points to one side rather than straight ahead, adjust the horizontal beam. If the engine starts, inspect or replace the following item. Lubricate with Rust Inhibitor. Install a new element [A] so that screen side [B] faces upward.

Using another air cleaner element will wear the engine prema- turely or lower the engine performance. Wait until it cools down.

Coolant on tires will make them slippery and can cause an accident and injury. Changing the rear brake fluid is the same as for the front brake. Torque – Bleed Valve: If you apply compressed air into the caliper, the piston may crush your hand or fingers. Standard Spark Plug Type: Apply a non-permanent locking agent. Camshaft Position Sensor 4.

SOLVED: A copy of the zx14 OWNERS MANUAL – Fixya

Main Throttle Sensor 5. Subthrottle Valve Actuator 7. Inlet Air Pressure Sensor 8. Atmospheric Pressure Sensor 9. Water Temperature Sensor Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Joint Connector 1 3. Engine Stop Switch 4.


2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 — Owner’s Manual

Camshaft Position Sensor 6. Stick Coil 1, 2, 3, 4 7. Water Temperature Sensor 9. Subthrottle Valve Actuator 3. Subthrottle Valve Actuator 4. Gear Position Switch 5. Crankshaft Sensor — 6. Power Supply to Sensors 8. Ignition Coil 4 Type Four barrel type Bore 44 mm 1. Throttle Sensor Setting Adapter: Kawasaki Bond Silicone Sealant: Do not use any other ownerw except for a 12 V sealed battery as a power source. Cover the hose joint with a piece of clean cloth to prevent fuel spillage.

When the service code [A] is displayed, for first ask the rider about the conditions [B] of trouble, and then start to determine the cause [C] of problem. But the service codes stored in memory of the ECU are not erased to preserve the problem history. The problem history can be referred using the KDS Kawasaki Diagnostic System zx114 solving unstable problems Much of the DFI system troubleshooting work consists of confirming continuity of the wiring.

A fully charged battery is a must for conducting accurate tests of the DFI system. This en- ables to check a long harness for continuity. Year of initial registration: Environment when problem occurred. It is meant simply as a rough guide to assist the troubleshooting for some of the more common difficulties in DFI system.

Fuel line clogged Inspect and repair see chapter 3.

Inlet air pressure sensor trouble Inspect see chapter 3. Subthrottle sensor trouble Inspect see chapter 3. Subthrottle valve actuator trouble Inspect see chapter 3. Intermittent any DFI fault and its recovery Check that DFI connectors are clean and tight, and examine leads for manuap of burning or fraying see chapter 3. Inlet air temperature sensor trouble Inspect see chapter 3. Relay voltage 5 V or more The ignition coil primary If the ignition primary winding 1 has failures Stick Coil The ECU senses this voltage change and determines fuel injec- tion quantity, and ignition timing according to engine kawaeaki, and throttle opening.

Main Throttle Sensor Resistance Connections: