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I am applying a The envelop signal detection decreases after only some KHz.

I cannot obtain the fuff bandwith around MHz. Thanks for your reply.

You need to modify the eval board to operate at frequencies below 1 GHz. There is a discussion of this on page 19 of the Rev A datasheet.

Also check the loading of the VENV output. To get the MHz bw, you need to load this output with a low impedance oscilloscope probe. This corresponds to a corner frequency of approximately 3.


If the carrier frequency. For me it is not a low pass filter for the RF input but a matching impedance circuit. If This low pass has a corner 3.

Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

The maximum RF frequency input is inevitably under 3. And finally I do not understand dahasheet last sentence is less than approximately ten times this value 32 MHz.

This could have been dxtasheet better in the datasheet. Think of it this way. In order for the detector to operate correctly, the voltage on the 5pf cap also pin 3 must be a steady dc level. This ac signal will get carried forward as a bias level into the detector cores and will mess up the computation I believe that you will see ac on the EREF output which should normally be a steady 1.

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Propane-1,3-diamine, N-BOC protected

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The output at the VENV is testing using an oscilloscope. Thanks for your reply Georges gautier. Enash I do not understand the applications information on page I can read this: EngineerZone Uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience in our community.