Hi guys, I’m looking for AGFA Xcalibur 45 error list and explanation of solving that error. I have some problems in CTP Thanks for everybody. Cookies on PRE PRESS BOULEVARD BV. PRE PRESS BOULEVARD BV is required by law to ask your permission for the use of cookies and similar. For sale used Agfa Xcalibur 45 E available in France, find used CTP computer to plate on

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With Xcalibur 45, Agfa is the first to bring this technology to the market.

Patented Optical System Xcalibur 45 features an innovative, patented imaging system that sends laser energy through a Grating Light Valve GLVwhere it is carefully controlled and calibrated.

This swath of beams ensures an exceptionally fast writing speed at a relatively low rpm drum rotational speed—simplifying operation and ensuring long-term reliability. The micro-shutters bend to open and shut with extreme precision, delivering xgfa controlled “swath” to the plate surface.

This writing swath allows the system to image contiguous, flawless shapes — a very different approach from other imaging systems that create individual spots. On-board sensors automatically calibrate these beams for optimal, uniform exposure across the swath.

Automatic controls accurately focus the imaged spots. Speed and Automation Xcalibur 45 outputs 20 full-format plates an hour at dpi, in either manual or automatic ccalibur. Xcalibur 45 is available in manual, semi-automatic, and two fully automatic configurations, enabling users to choose the level of automation that matches their throughput requirements. Xcalibur 45 allows users to xcwlibur a second plate in the input tray so that it will be automatically loaded when the first plate is imaged and ejected.


AGFA XCALIBUR 45 | Machinery Europe

Operators do not have to wait for the first plate to exit the drum before loading another plate. This approach reduces the plate-handling overhead and makes the overall system more efficient. The system automatically adjusts for temperature fluctuations that can affect imaging accuracy. Atfa water-cooling system minimizes thermal variations, ensures image consistency across a wide range of operating conditions and it improves reliability of the thermally sensitive components.

Easy loading and reliable operation keeps the total cost of ownership low. Innovative Registration Design Xcalibur 45 automates the xca,ibur of ensuring that every plate is accurately positioned for imaging via its innovative, three-point registration design.

Agfa Introduces New Thermal Platesetter, Xcalibur 45 High-Speed, 8-up System – WhatTheyThink

The system feeds the plate onto the drum until it makes contact with two registration pins that are located along the axis of the drum according to user specifications. These two “hard pins” are typically placed precisely where the plate will be sitting as it is notched— ensuring accuracy between the image and notches. Xcalibur 45 detects the plate via a laser and detector, which serves as a third point for positioning the image on the plate accurately.

Mechanical clamps at both the lead and trailing edges xcallbur the plate tightly to the drum, providing the precise plate registration required xcalibjr accurate imaging. This precision drum provides a stable surface for plate mounting, ensuring that the focus, geometry and placement of the image are all optimized for the highest possible image quality. Plates do not need to be internally punched within the system—eliminating another opportunity for mechanical error and helping ensure proper registration.


Agfa XCalibur 45 E | 2005 Used Machine for sale

The input transport mechanism includes a patented de-skewing feature that automatically pre-aligns the plate as it feeds into the drum — ensuring accurate loading and registration of every plate. The output area also features an optional exit conveyor that leads directly to an on-line processor.

The operator control console provides an intuitive graphic interface with the system, enabling operators of all levels to perform key operations. The Xcalibur 45 has earned a “Machinery Directive” classification in the US and internationally — passing the most stringent safety evaluations in the world. Integrated processing Xcalibur 45 can be configured with efficient, high-quality thermal processors – including the Autolith TP85 and TP These processors can be configured off-line, or in two different on-line placements —directly in-line or through an L-bridge.

Agfa XCalibur 45 S, CtP Thermal

This flexibility makes efficient use of existing space, establishing a convenient platesetting operation. Thermostar The right plate for the Xcalibur 45 is Thermostar P— a positive-acting plate based on an xcallbur thermal technology developed and patented by Agfa.

Thermostar P is sensitized to nm. It offers fast imaging, convenient handling and excellent press performance. Thermostar is ideal for run lengths of more than one million with post-baking, as well as UV ink applications.