Sunday, October 4, Aimcat Analysis: The test consisted of 72 questions, with 24 questions in each of three sections QA,VA and DI. Should one join both CL mocks and TIME AIMCATs or is the latter enough? 3, Views ยท With just 34 days to cat, is it sufficient to practice only through CL Mock. Posts about aimcat written by catindiaonline. CAT India Online: Free CAT Prep Plan. Posted by: catindiaonline on June 26,

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If 11 factors are less than square root, then there must be 11 more factors more than it’s square root. So total 23 factors which means power o P is 22, squaring P will have 44 as the power and hence 45 total factors. Just for the Login page so that they could accomodate more adds And now they have starting giving adds on the Student home page as well!


Is it an eduaction portal or means to get those greenback boogie? I have a doubt in question no.

I cant understand the soution either. Sharing Test taking strategies, scores etc. Page 1 of 6 Go to page.

Write a comment Write a comment Tough Luck- the elusive luc Hi all, Toughluck here. A very old user of PG.

I have created a channel to share some of my learnings with you I have just uploaded a video on DI and wanted all to see and share it. Trying to Help people achieve their dreams.

How long does it take for the result and analyses to show up after i am done taking a test? Anyone with an explanation for this question?

Online CAT (FAQs)

Load more comments 2 of 3. When Ankita called Dipanjan in the evening, it was four times as many minutes past 4 pm as it was to 6 pm. When they hung up, it was twice as many minutes past 5 pm as it was to 7 pm. For how long did they talk? Between 4 pm and 6 pm it is take Anyone aware by what time will the TIME website be zimcat


World of Knowledge: CAT

They changed the UI. Hopefully it doesn’t go the PG way. CAT 15 – Aimcay a doubt on the LR question regarding apps. One of the conditions in the question says: Calendar will be installed only if there is Run Run, in other w Load more comments 2 of Download the mobile app.