The D is a dynamic cardioid microphone designed for miking bass instruments. Its frequency AKG is a trademark of AKG Acoustics GmbH, registered. View and Download AKG D specifications online. AKG Acoustics Bass Dynamic Microphone Specification Sheet. D Microphone pdf manual download. View and Download AKG D MKII quick user manual online. PROFESSIONAL DYNAMIC BASS-DRUM MICROPHONE. D MKII Microphone pdf manual.

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AKG D112 Specifications

It wasn’t Ebay But I looked into this mic and heard audio clips of it and heard it in person. So I was very excited. But when I got it, it came with a mic clip that is NOT what I see on pictures of this mic everywhere.

It does say “AKG D” on the mic. It came with the manual and warranty card and such but I could not register it on AKG. I opened it up just to take a look, there’s no distinguishable markings that the parts are AKG made. Shure’s yes I’ve seen. But is this actually possible that I may have purchased a fake one?? I can post pics if needed. People counterfeit stuff all the time If it sounds like ass CN Fletcher mwagener wrote on Sat, 11 September If you’ve spent most of your life with a few thousand dollars worth of musicians in the studio, making a decision every second and a half It takes a certain amount of balls to do that Sam Carlen Newbie Offline Posts: I assume that would be a great possibility.

At least I’ll know that one will be real. Before I go crazy looking for a new kick drum mic. It’s average, kinda boomy, doesn’t cut through a mix well like a Beta 52 I once used on the same kit.

  DMF 50174 PDF

But here’s some pics, could someone please tell me if these things I noticed are normal?? The lettering is pure white unlike what I’ve seen which is outlined in white. The weight of this mic is 3oz less than what I’ve seen it is supposed to be.

Pdf Download | AKG Acoustics D User Manual (2 pages)

Any help would be great, thank you! Sorry for bad quality.

Rick Sutton Newbie Offline Posts: Sam Carlen on June 28, Rick Sutton on June 28, The old Bose theory in practice You’re a lot kinder to the D than I have ever been I hate those things with a hate that is usually reserved for d121 United States Congress.

Rick Sutton on June 29,manuaal Royalty-free Music and Sound Effects http: In about 2 weeks time Telefunken is going to release their M82 “kik drum mic” — you might want to give it a listen when it comes out. I had “proto-type 5” for a while [which from what I understand will indeed be the production model] and was very impressed. Fletcher on July 02, I heard yesterday that release has been backed up until October-ish Hi, AKG is currently moving his entire production excepted C to china.

I think it is a shame, but your mic can be not a fake. China has every capability to build things correctly The “MacBook” i’m typing this response on was built in China There is lots of other stuff that is built in China that is also perfectly fine June 23, June 28, It’s average, kinda boomy, doesn’t cut through a mix That’s a better review than what I would give to my D that I’m sure is not a counterfeit!


I thought this mic was supposed to be one of the best? I hear good and bad things about it, maybe the consistency of a good sounding D that AKG can make is just bad. June 29, I don’t think it’s a consistency issue. X112 mic just sounds strange. To me it’s all woof with no definition. I only keep mine around for one client that likes it on jazz kick drum.

I have to twist the eq to new extremes to come close to anything acceptable to my ears. Manuak had to do the same on a rock project I was just doing. Logged rocksure Newbie Offline Posts: July 02, Once upon a time I used to like them. Everyone seemed to be going for a clacky kick drum sound about years ago. But these days I have gone off that scooped sound, and the D has become the opposite of a “go-to” mic to me.

I prefer a more rounded sound, and if you want to add some tops there are other mics that probably do it better. Logged Royalty-free Music and Sound Effects http: July 19, Peace Definitely got me interested. Still no pictures or info other than a “coming soon” on their website for it though. July d12, July 25, ,