Is it possible to print XLS, HTML, or RTF reports using Apache FOP? If not, is there another open source or free print server that will do this?. “JFOR, an open source XSL-FO to RTF converter has been integrated into Apache FOP. This will create an RTF (rich text format) document that will attempt to. FOP can render to PDF as well as SVG, PS, RTF. The result of rendering with default font. Mar 22, AM

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In the not too distant past, I have had to implement solutions for generating PDF documents, based on dynamic data and a document template to be defined by the end-user. The approach we took was to allow the end aapache to create the document layout in MS Word, embedding simple tags to indicate the position of dynamic data elements.

It shows how you can save a Word document as XML and specify a stylesheet to be applied when saving. The article introduces a stylesheet — Word2FO. I decided to give it a spin. To interpret them, you must run them through a formatter, along with other data, such as graphics and font metrics, to create a final displayable or printable file. It includes everything needed to paginate and format a document. Some of the formatting supported by XSL-FO, but not by CSS, includes right-to-left and top-to-bottom text, footnotes, margin notes, page numbers in cross-references, and more.

I then open Wordcreate a simple document with several layout features that are bound to pose a challenge on the conversion to XSL-FO. I then select Save As from the File Menu. The document type is XML. This brings up a checkbox Apply Transform. When checked, the Transform button ofp enabled. That was news to me. Well, I select the Word2FO. It would also give me an interesting alternative for the solution I described above: I am not able to quickly gather from this XSL-FO content whether the conversion was successful and complete.

I typically make use of Apache FOP, see http: However we lost a couple apadhe details. Most notable the column layout in the original Word document.


Apache™ FOP Output Formats

Also a couple of fonts — no arial or any sans-serif for that matter is created into the PDF. I will give it a try with the latest beta 0. I have tried with FOP 0. Still no column layout, still no sans-serif font types. I get warnings about the fonts that allow we to correct the situation it seems that proper, exact matchting font definitions need to be configured with FOP:.

Also note that it is good to see that after two years of apparent comatose existence, FOP has regained consciousness with this 0. Lucas Jellema, active in IT and with Oracle since Hey, really great blog. Seriously I made search for a week. Finally I got a way through xsl fo and apache fop apis.

Thanks to you all. Hey all, interesting forum. I think AbiWord comes with the feature built in. The printing functionality within the reader will then be used. But maybe it contains an answer to my question. Could anyone comment on that?

I apacye not able to open any word file. I have tried repairing, reinstalling and every possible stuff i could. I also have Acrobat Writer 7 installed in it.

Kindly suggest some alternative or solution…. Your page displays fine in Safari 1. You really ought to switch your browser compatability code to test for specific DOM and JavaScript functionality instead of detecting the browser name and rt number. Your Javascript alert that says that my browser which it identifies as Mozilla might not be supported is annoying and excludes thousands of people that refuse to use MSIE. The problem is how to programmatically create a PDF from a user-defined form.

For example, say the legal department wants to come up with a template that the sales people in the field can fill out on the fly, and keep all the nicities like headers, footers, pagination, inline images, and so forth. Try some more complex documents hint: If you are going to use this technique, you better research it more. There are a number of commercial companies trying to crack this, and with all of their work, still have problems with true fidelity. I need to know is this converting word to xls to pdf thingi is free… if so can u give me this software.


It does indeed cover a lot of the functionality we require. My colleague Marcos dop prepared demonstrations and clarficiations and I was very impressed. We rop much hope prices will come apacge once the product has mattured rrtf. For that to really be a viable option however, the price simply must come down!

So, we made a simple java program which calls OO service and makes conversion on IAS kind of odt2pdf.

I found this document a while ago, while searching for a way to go the other direction — from XSL-FO to Word really, to. I had mistakenly used code tags instead of pre. Thanks for the hint. Great Post, it looks very good, only a little thing… the code will be look more nice formated, but i supose that was a mistake. OpenJ9 uses least memory. December 12, 0. December 9, 2. November 23, 4. Rajesh on September 14, Matt on May 19, Nicro on September 26, I mean i dont want virtualy printers neither terciary softwares.

Apache FOP Output Formats

FO from Word by code and without open winword process??? No, do you know any other way to get that? Fan Timmermans on April 28, Aasif Kham’s on November 30, Meera on May 2, Joshua Smith on April 15, Just clean up that browser support code! Jason Brice on April 12, This is actually apavhe pretty tough problem. Thanks for the article, Lucas.

Leo on April 5, Rick Stephens on April 4, Kishore on April 4, If its not free. Nathaniel on April 4, Lucas Jellema on March 28, Tim Dexter on March 28, Catherine Devlin on March 22, Lucas Jellema on March 22,