Ultimate Targets has teamed up with Project Appleseed to produce this amazing target! The Appleseed AQT Trainer! This unique target is designed specifically. POST THIS TARGET AT 25m (82°). USE 3 RNDS TO MOA SIGHT IN TARGET. SCORING: STAGE 1: APPLESEED Weekend Clinic: Appleseed Qualification Target | Appleseed yard AQT, size: 8 1/2″ x 11″.

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Fixed scale of yd 5-pt target. Shoot 2 in the first target, change mag, fire 3 more rounds into first target, then fire the remainding 5 into the second target. My final assignment in the Army was as the 82nd Airborne Division Small Arms Master Gunner, developing and instituting weapons training, conducting force modernization activities pertaining to small arms weapons and enablers, and consulting with the Maneuver Center of Excellence Fort Benning, GA on said subjects.

The block of instruction included lecture only with no practical exercises. Fall Appleseed Shoot.

Instructor staff assisted aqr diagnostics, coaching, and zeroing. They then pull out a target with the same image scaled down to look as though it is at yards, yards, yards, yards, and a headshot square at yards. We began marksmanship by discussing the six steps of firing a shot.

Project Appleseed AAR

If there are too many holes in a target, aqy lowest points count. Had it a hair too small. Posting Rules You may not post new threads. I created a target for practice that would get a total of point max. Appleseed Promo Targets – Scaled for 10yds. At this point, the official weekend was over and those with centerfire rifles prepared to move to the yard range.


Attendees, especially newer shooters, should take the skills worked out into more progressive training programs and courses. After lunch we get an amazing history lesson.

I stepped outside my comfort zone last weekend and attended an Appleseed event. The six steps according to Project Appleseed are sight alignment, sight picture, respiratory pause, focus, trigger squeeze, and follow through.

Each yd target gets shot 5 times each. Looks good, I’ll definitely give it a go! Print as many copies tafget you can and distribute these to supplement your promotional efforts!

When the clock starts, drop to sitting OR kneeling which ever is more comfortable, and start firing. The bottom row is load one mag of ten, ready in the prone, you get 5 minutes.

The total possible isbut the prone slow fire is counted twice bringing the total possible score to Find all posts by cptdondo. Appleseed Target No V This is intended solely for tzrget. A2 25 farget AQT Zero w clicks. The bottom row is worth double points. It should be a 1: The day concluded with awarding Rifleman patches to those that qualified on the AQT with a score of at least Find all posts by fprintf.

We shot another redcoat target and recorded results, followed a rehash of the material covered on day 1 and began shooting the AQT for practice.


Range Report: Appleseed Clinic! – Monmouth Fish and Game Association

We even have a double-column greycoat for you-if you’ve got access to 11x17in. All used the sling. The trick is you start standing at the command ap;leseed you drop to a sitting position, load and shoot your targets in 50 seconds. Left to right, then down 1 row. We fired approximately iterations then another redcoat target. The next row down is done with 2 magazines loaded 2and 8 to force a mag change.

Possible alternatives could be: Originally Posted by LonghunterCO. On the target I created above, we arn’t so worried about hitting those appleseed. The head shot is tiny. Practice dry-firing in the comfort of your own home!

History garget presented in the form of storytelling and focused on the events of 19 April Many Appleseed events allow only.

Targets for all of the Shooting Sports!

The biggest variable from the work to this point was ballistics and the use of holds. September 30, The Appleseed event was a good experience overall. It’s on 4 files. The event truly was a mixed weekend of shooting and talking about the Revolution, not a class and another class.

April 30, ,