Children’s mathematical thinking: A developmental framework for preschool, primary, and special education teachers. AJ Baroody. Teachers College Press. : Childrens Mathematical Thinking (): Arthur J Baroody: Books. Fostering Children’s Mathematical Power: An Investigative Approach To K-8 Mathematics Instruction Sep 01, by Arthur Baroody, Arthur J. Baroody.

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His research focuses on the teaching and learning of basic counting, number, and arithmetic concepts and skills by young children and children with learning difficulties.

Arthur Baroody | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign –

He co-edited a book with Ann Dowker Cambridge University on mathematical learning The development of arithmetic concepts and skills: Schoenfeld and published by Erlbaum Associates in My research has focused on the teaching and learning of the following basic number and arithmetic skills and concepts by young children and children with learning difficulties: Department of Education, Arthur J.

The construct and measurement of spontaneous attention to number. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, 10, — Does fostering reasoning strategies for relatively difficult basic combinations promote transfer?

Journal of Educational Psychology,arfhur Fostering first-graders’ reasoning strategies with basic sums: The value of guided-training. Journal of Cognition and Development, 16, — The impact of highly and minimally guided discovery instruction on promoting the learning of reasoning strategies for basic add-1 and doubles combinations.


Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 30, barodoy A study of early childhood mathematics teaching in the U. Early Education and Development, Using a brief preschool early numeracy skills screener to identify young children with mathematics difficulties.

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Handbook of research on the education of baroocy children Erlbaum: The interplay of verbal and nonverbal processes in early quantitative development.

Advances in child development and behavior Academic Press: Engaging young children in mathematics: Standards for early childhood mathematics education Erlbaum: An opportunity to involve students in the processes of mathematical inquiry Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 9 6 The integration of conceptual and procedural knowledge.


The development of arithmetic concepts and skills: Constructing adaptive expertise Erlbaum: Studies in mathematics thinking and learning Erlbaum: From protoquantitative concept to general concept?.

Helping struggling learners achieve mathematical proficiency.

Arthur Baroody | College of Education | U of I

Mathematics instruction that makes sense for 2 to 5 year olds. Fostering at-risk preschoolers’ number sense Early Education and Development. The case of Blake: Number-word and number development Early Childhood Research Quarterly. Re-inventing the quadratic equation: The story of the sorry clockmaker Teaching Middle School Mathematics.

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