This update presents rules for a variety of Space Marine characters, most of which were originally Lord Asterion Moloc is a HQ choice for a Codex: Space. Asterion Moloc – posted in + Index Astartes +: What an incredible model, and such incredible rules to go with him. I think its absolute Heresy that. I’d recommend the Asterion Moloc model if nothing else. Currently FW chapters don’t have their own chapter tactics rules, they are supposed.

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While certainly an impressive fighter and very resilient, Draigo loses the damage race, dying one turn before he can kill Moloc. More frustrating to be told that then have him just disappear than anything.

Asterion moloc removed from forgeworld site? : Warhammer40k

What can be said for certain is that he is a powerful combatant and is known to have personally slain several Renegade Chapter Masters of the Adeptus Astartes, alongside the ranks of Ork Warbossesxenos corsair princes and Chaos Champions of the Dark Gods who have all fallen before him. Edited by Ishagu, 25 November – I play minotaurs because I despise the color blue This message was edited 2 times.

But if I’m not rues they have drills like this Imperial fists Legion dreadnought https: Everything I read points to them having tons of Tartaros sets. Putting out the third toughest fight so far is Pedro thanks to Iron Resolve, unfortunately just like Lysander he loses the damage race.

Asterion Moloc, Chapter Master of the Minotaurs

I’ve only ever played a few smaller games vs rulds I know well. Enclosed in this section is how Asterion Moloc fares against all other named Chapter Masters or their closest equivalentssince he’s basically tailor made to kill them.


Do they have their own set of 8th edition rules? I feared it could happen, since forgeworld has been removing all the stuff that doesn’t sell. Rulws once you reach their deployment zone enjoy a sweet sweet bonus to charging!

Posted 14 December – He also gives his squad Fearless and Frag Grenades through his special rule, meaning that somehow he wills fragmentation grenades into being through nothing but his sheer RAGEwhich is axterion that even the Angry Marines have to respect. I can’t say for sure unfortunately, they were bought second hand.


Instead he chooses to remain aloof, as is his Chapter’s nature, often sending his Reclusiarch High Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi as his Chapter’s emissary and his personal representative in such matters.

Views Read Edit View history. Email from FW, Sometimes master models they use to produce the molds get work or damaged so they remaster them. Community Forum Software by IP. The large amount of high-end equipment used by the Minotaurs combined with asterin almost always deploying at full Chapter strength means that the Minotaurs have a good shot at kicking heretic ass, as the Lamenters and Inceptors can attest.

This branches into other things such as a High Lords’ Custodes made in secret, a rogue Custodes siding with them over the Emperor, or that he is essentially the Legio Custodes version of a Commissar for the Chapter. A brutal tactician, Moloc molox pleasure in the utter destruction of his foes, and is most often found in battle at the head of his Chapter’s Terminators slamming into the enemy line.


Asterion Moloc – Album on Imgur

Alternatively check out Shapeways there are a couple of stores that do some really nice shoulder pads and emblems which can be added to vehicles. Earn these shields boys! Outside of battle he can be found on his brazen throne at the centre of the maze-like chambers of the heavy Assault Carrier Daedelos Kratasurrounded by datafeeds, tabulation Servitors and casualty reports, measuring the drops of blood spilt in pursuit of his Chapter’s strategic goals.

Maybe Asterion hunts Bloodthirsters in his spare time. Here’s my product review of the chapter master of the Minotaurs and there High chaplain.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the rulles. Retrieved from ” http: It would be a thing that FW should have no problem makimg, if they really wanted to.

Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you aeterion get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: Dawn of War Trade your minis Miniswap Podcasts: If Moloc charges and has hatred from a chaplain he can kill Lias in just one round. Asterion Moloc Started by IshaguNov 22 Submit a new text post.