All the Controls products ASTM C standard. Enter now!. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Loading rate concerns in ASTM C | ASTM C remains one of the most prescribed tests for. This document describes the main differences between ASTM C and ASTM C when it comes to testing of flextural strength in fiber reinforced concrete.

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ASTM C1609 Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Flexural Test Equipment

We use cookies to improve your browsing c1690. By continuing to use our site, you accept our cookie policy. A mining company in the southwestern United States needed to test fiber reinforced concrete shotcrete used to line the mine shafts in a new copper mine.

The flexural tests in accordance with ASTM C are critical to ensure the concrete has the strength needed to properly support the shaft.

ASTM C, Test equipment Controls

The flexural specimens are created as the concrete is being applied and must be tested within hours of being applied making it impossible to use a test lab. The purpose of ASTM C is to not only determine the peak strength of the concrete but also to find the residual strength from the fibers after the first crack appears. For this reason, the test extends well past the initial peak. The standard also specifies that the test must be performed in servo control at very slow deflection rates with servo feedback from the average of two deflection sensors placed on either side of the specimen.


The initial crack in the specimen and the associated jump in deflection servo feedback make servo c6109 very challenging.

A standard third point flex fixture W was supplied along with custom sensors and mounting jigs to measure the average deflection. Partner software with the GenTest module provided the flexibility to adjust servo control parameters throughout the test to ensure the test ran with no problems under all conditions.

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Flex Testing of Fiber Reinforced Concrete to ASTM C1609-10

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