3 Abacus Software Atari ST Internals The Registers Let’s take a look at .. Type Function 1 Restore, look for track 00 1 Seek, look for a track 1 Step, Another quite important group contains the functions for file handling and for . Found 9 file extension associations related to Atari ST and 7 file formats which referred to the Motorola ‘s bit external bus and bit internals. The ST. The Atari ST was a reasonably priced computer released in If you find it as an “.st” file you are in luck, that’s a floppy image, you can Okay, this post is getting long so for those impatient types I’m going to give you the code to type in: . All of those constants I got from the Atari ST Internals book [see.

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One week ago everything Aatari knew about the Atari ST could fit in this sentence: Who has room for that sort of stuff? Apparently not us says my wife. For this tutorial we are going to use Hatari. Okay, right about now, if you are like me you are probably asking yourself what is up with the crappy borders around the Desktop, I know! Here is the next steps to getting your Hatari installation souped up:.

File: – YMorg

For this bit we are going to use the assembler called DevPac3. If you download Devpac and it comes as a directory of files: My installation was giving me troubles because it wanted to be run from the floppy drive.

You may get errors when starting DevPac. PRG from the floppy from now on. PRG and double click it to run. You should now be seeing this:.

Your default settings for DevPac should be good. There is just one thing we want to make sure is set. You could always just save this code to disk in your hard drive folder then load it from DevPac but then you would miss out on the satisfying clicky sounds that the Atari ST makes while you type. Now that you have the code in memory lets assemble it! And now you should see this:. We actually did something, look in the top left-hand corner… no closer, look there is a diagonal line there!


Okay, you are right I should have warned you at the beginning of the article that the program was lame.

B_W File Extension – What is .b_w and how to open? – ReviverSoft

But it is understandable and digestible for a first program. Tpe any key to exit once you are done soaking in the wonderful line. Here is a quick rundown of the code.

In the first section of the code we are just creating aliases to offsets and commands. Next we jump to the subroutine jsr initialize which sets us up for Super User mode.

3 Atari ST Programming books by Abacus Software

Line A is the package of drawing calls we are using. There are other ways to draw on the Atari ST. I think these are the fastest least portable graphics calls any greybeards to correct me?

The weird thing about that call is that it is happening with the dc command which is just putting that data directly into our code instead of using some sort of call opcode. We do that in our next section to setup the parameters to the draw line function. Then we finally call the draw line function on line In other ways its a bit clumsy. A dark shadow falls over me when I think about all the hours of work spent by Atari ST engineers to build something almost lost to oblivion.

The silver lining is the amount of love that still exists by a select few fans of the Atari ST. I wrote 6 games for the ST, and it was a great computer. Neil, you are my hero.

Releasing after 16 weeks then moving onto the next thing sounds like a dream. Such memory recall… damn, all those traps and stuff… why not try GfABasic, was over here quite popular! I felt like I came so far I might as well make the plunge into 68k. Real men programs a ZX Spectrum in Z80 assembly! I never meet an Atari ST, but I know that is an amazing computer. Also, the AY sound chip always does nice chip tunes… Good luck doing programs for old machines! Aw, you like the Atari ST sound chip?!


It has its charm. The chip I really love is the one in the Sega Genesis. I went back and did some work on Atari a few years ago. Yes, I even remembered the CPU cycle counts for most instruction forms. I have a copy still lying around: I used to put touchscreens on those Atari monitors. I created my own widgets, direct manipulation GUI, and used them to create the first graphical point of sale software. Nick Colley wrote the code in C.

Cool, thanks for the tips Oberje. I might try out TurboAss too, it suppose to do real time assembly as you edit code. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Skip to content Goal: Background info on the Atari ST: Here is the next steps to getting your Hatari installation souped up: Download Atari TOS 2. Setting Up The Development Tools: You intrenals now be seeing this: You are the author of Hyperbowl?

I doff my cap. I loved that game.

Gosh, I recall soldering myself a Blitterchip in my …. I think I last powered up my TT 10 years ago. Not so long ago, really. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.