Aushadh Darshan. Front Cover. Swami Ramdev. Diamond Pocket AUSADH DARSHAN: Ayurveda & Naturopathy · Acharya Balkrishna No preview available – . औषध दर्शन – Aushadh Darshan. likes · 6 talking about this. आयुर्वेद केवल औषध विज्ञान ही नहीं, अपितु जागरुकतापूर्वक जीवन जीने. : Buy patanjali AUSHADH DARSHAN HINDI gm. from – Lowest Prices, Only Genuine Products, Replacement.

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Patanjali Aushadh Darshan Hindi

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Aushadh Darshan (Bengali)

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Viewed times since 11th Dec, Dardhan Arsa-kalpa Vati 1 2. Divya Asmari-hara Kvatha 1 3. Divya Asmari-hara Rasa 2 4. Divya Udaramrta Vati 2 5.

Aushadh Darshan: A Repertoire of Proven Miraculous Ayurvedic Remedies

Divya Udara-kalpa Curna 3 6. Divya Kaya-kalpa Vati 3 7. Divya Kaya-Kalpa Taila 4 8.

Divya Kaya-kalpa Kvatha 4 9. Divya Kesa Taila 5 Divya Gaisa-hara Curna 5 Aushzdh Curna 6 Divya Peya Herbal Tea 6 Divya Dhara 7 Divya Danta Manjana 7 Divya Pidantaka Rasa 8 Divya Pidantaka Kvatha 8 Divya Pidantaka Taila 9 Divya Yauvanamrta Vati 10 Divya Madhunasini Vati 10 Divya Madhu-kalpa Vati 11 Divya Mukta Vati 11 Divya Medha Kvatha 13 Divya Medha Vati 13 Divya Amrta Rasayana Linctus 14 Divya Medohara Vati Weightless 14 Divya Svasari Rasa 15 Divya Stri-rasayana Vati 16 Divya Hrdayamrta Vati 16 Divya Vatari Curna 17 Divya Silajita Rasayana Vati 18 Divya Sarva-kalpa Kvatha 18 daeshan Divya Silajita Sat 20 2.

Divya Mukta Pisti 21 sarshan. Divya Svarna Bhasma 21 4.

Divya Cyavana Prasa Linctus 22 5. Divya Candra-prabha Vati 22 6. Divya Vasanta-kusumakara Rasa 23 7. Diabetes Mellitus 26 3.

High Blood Pressure 26 4. Tumour or Any Growth of Body 28 8. Tumour or Growth of Big Size 28 9. Multiple Sclerosis 31 Ulcerative Colitis 32 Coronary Artery Disease 34 Sciatica, Cervical spondylitis 36 Sinusitis, Asthma, Chronic Rhinitis, Coryza 37 Fibroid Ulterus 40 Hepatitis A,B,C 41 Cirrhosis of Liver 42 Chronict Renal Failure 43 Tooth-powder – Cure for all types of Tooth-diseases 49 4.


Juice of Sweet Gourd: Bark of Arjuna – Kriya-paka Milk Preparation 50 6. Infallible Home Remedy for Chronic Cough 51 8. Home Remedy for Hic-cup 53 Use of Galactagogue – For Mothers 53 Recipe for Infertility 56 Use of Apamarga for Normal Delivery 57 Leaf auhsadh Asvagandha Withania somnifera: Home Remedies for Madhumeha Diabetes Mellitus 58 Different Usages 59 For the Cure of Stone 60 Leaf of Peepal or Ficus Religiosa for Epistaxis 60 Water of Soap-nut Sapindus trifoliatus: Infallible Home Remedy for Hair 61 Anti-dandruff Oil Home Remedy 62 Home Remedies for Urticaria 62 Home Remedy for Obesity 63 Home Remedies for Jaundice 64 Promoter of Platelates 64 Home Remedy for Helminthes 65 Home Remedy for Earache 65 Home Remedies for Constipation wushadh Bilva-curna Powder of Aegle marmelos: Leaves of Vasa Adhatoda vasica: Useful in Coughing 66 Home Remedy for Gangerene 67 Home Remedy for Promotion of Eye-sight darsha Home Remedy for Cracked Lips 68 Ointment for Vipadika Cracks of Heal 69