How to convert an image to PDF in just 2 clicks. This trick uses the Automator Service option on the Mac to add an option to your Merge PDFs in 2 clicks on a Mac ยท How to speed up mouse tracking on a Mac (without an app). I know, for comparison, how to combine PDFs into one document using either Preview or Automator. Is there a similar technique for JPEGs?. You can use Automator. Start with a Get Selected Finder Items, than add a New PDF from Images Action. Set the parameters you wish, then.

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Convert Image to PDF in 2 Clicks [Mac Automator] | Paul Minors

Like most digital historians, my personal computer is packed to the gills with thousands upon thousands of documents in myriad formats and containers: Well, you get the idea. The folder for my dissertation alone contains almostautomaror files. As I mentioned last year, managing and preserving all of this data can be somewhat unwieldy.

One solution to this dilemma is to do our work collaboratively on the open web. My esteemed colleague and fellow digital historian Caleb McDaniel is running a neat experiment in which he and his student assistants publish all of their research notes, primary documents, drafts, presentations, and comgine material online in a wiki.

Although I think there is a great deal of potential in projects like these, most of us remain hopelessly mired in virtual reams of data files spread across multiple directories and devices. One of my regular scholarly chores is to experiment with different ways to sort, tag, manipulate, and combine these files.


This time around, I would like to focus on a potential solution for the latter task.

So if, like most people, automztor have been itching for a way to compile your entire communist Christmas card collection into a single handy document, today is your lucky day. Now you can finally finish that article on why no one ever invited Stalin over to their house during the holidays.

But larger, more complex operations can become annoying and repetitive pretty quickly.

The venerable, if somewhat bloated, PDFtk suite is a popular choice for the programming historian, but there are plenty of other options as well. It can be saved as a service, so you can simply right-click any folder and run the operation within the Mac Finder.

Digital Histories @ Yale

At the top right, set it to receive selected folders in the Finder. If this is all getting too confusing, just hang it there. It will probably make more sense by the end. I admit that I am cheating a little bit here.

This Bash command will retrieve the title of the target folder so that your output file is named properly. This will assure that the pages of autojator output PDF are in the correct order, the same order in which they appeared in the source folder.

This is where the actual parsing of the JPEGs will take place.


Use Automator to combine your research photos into one PDF

You should now see a list of variables at the bottom of the screen. Once again, you can drag and drop the appropriate variable from the list at the bottom of the screen.

When you right-click on a folder of JPEGs or other images in the Finder, you should be able to select your service. Try it out on some test folders with a small number of images to make sure all is working properly.

The workflow should deposit your properly-named output PDF in the same directory as the source folder. To combine PDFs rather than image files, follow steps above. This procedure can be modified relatively easily to parse individually-selected files rather than entire folders. Needless to say, the containing folder has to be labeled appropriately for this to work.

How To Combine PDF Files in Mac OS X Using Automator To Make A Service

So, again, this process worked best for me. A lot can go wrong with this workflow. Automator can be fickle, and scripting protocols are always being updated and xutomator, so I disavow any liability for your personal filesystem.

I also welcome any comments or suggestions to improve or modify this process.