Significantly, Osman Lins comments on writing Avalovara and, as such, .. Concurso Livro de Contos Tentativa, in the town of Atibaia, state of. Results 1 – 30 of Avalovara by Osman Lins and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Minucioso en el análisis de la rivalidad, el libro entretiene e ilustra a partes iguales, siendo muy difícil que un aficionado al baloncesto no disfrute sobremanera.

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Fale com a Editora! Detalhes do produto Capa comum Idioma: Seja o primeiro a avaliar este item. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. The author starts the book with a palindrome, a sentence that reads the same forwards and backwards. This avalobara Latin palindrome consists of eight letters, each with a meaning, and each configuration of letters and words has various possible meanings.

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The letters avapovara then used to join each of the segments of the novel for example, all sections, or themes, entitles Spiral and Square are designated by the letter S. Each of the eight “themes” is an individual story line and each tells a dense but somewhat straightforward story or narrative.

avallvara But the author cuts up each theme into 2 to 22 pieces and then reassembles the whole with pieces of each theme intersperses with all the other cut-up themes. This is an exceedingly complex grid or set of rules to overlay onto a novel, and the first question a reader asks is And after struggling through this purposefully difficult novel, my answer is a resounding: I haven’t a clue.

When you torture the reader on purpose, you better have a darned good reason for doing so. The individual themes contain substantial chunks of gorgeous prose, and as always, Gregory Rabassa afalovara a simply wonderful translator.

His short introduction was helpful in orienting this reader to what she was about to plunge into. Abel is the pivotal character in this book, and much of the novel is taken up wvalovara his relationships with three women. Each is closely, claustrophobically, examined, and the voices of these women and of Abel wander through the novel, providing histories cut-up with newspaper headlines and a description of Nike missile system launches.


When characters travel, it is with “premeditated disorderliness. Visits the Marciana Library to study the incunabula and codices. It is all just a tad too preciously difficult, avalovraa, and too chucked full of symbolism, starting with that palindrome.

Avalovara (Hispanica nov – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

I will admit that I took pages of notes as I read this thing, trying mostly in vain to fit the whole thing together into a comfortable and comforting whole. At one point I noted all of the mandolins that appear, always with women, and wondered what was with that. Then there are birds in different roles and frequency of appearance.

But at least for me the endlessness of all avalovaara symbols, all the cut-ups, all the nuanced allusions simply doesn’t add up. Instead it ticked me off.

At first glance one would look at Osaman Lins’ Avalovara and see an interesting read; a story superimposed on a conceptual map of time and space represented by the mystical Sator square set on a spiral but boy are you in for a ride, at second glance Lins would have you holding onto your bookmarks! In this novel there are eight stories which are all centered around one man: Abel and his relationship with three women; there is the Yolyp a being twice born with an untranslatable symbol for a name; Anneliese Roos the woman with cities that dwell within her being, and Cecilia the hermaphrodite without a sense of her origin.

Amidst the connected stories and complex evocative narratives, that differ based on lkvro personalities of their respective personas, there is the tail of the Sator square.

This mystical magic square, whose secrets brought the demise of a slave and his master, serves as the main constructive element to the work. By using this geometrical structure the author has predetermined the order in which the narratives including that of the square would appear and how the stories should lovro read with each turn on the spiral as it touches each letter of the Sator square.


The mysticism of said square lies not only within its geometry but in the magic phrase whose 25 individual letters comprise the grid: The writer here uses an extraordinary sense of imagery that illustrates each respective narrative which corresponds with the letters and story behind the Sator Square as well as different techniques in writing styles that grows with the book and the experiences of the characters.

The stories though confusing and bizarre in origin possess a sense of realism natural to all human beings: Another over arching technique that rides side by side with this sense of realism is the stark sense avalocara imagination that becomes a part of avapovara, one can sum it up to reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez amplified by ten or experiencing a Frida Kahlo painting in words This is most evident in the Chapter seven of the abalovara twice born designated by the letter “O” of the Sator squarelivgo the animals rise up from the rug and fuse with the bodies of the enamored in their erotic affair.

Avalovara: Osman Lins: : Books

Despite its sordid context and complex framework, Osman Lins provides a novel of unlimited imagination, rich language, and “sci-fi-esque” proportions that would keep you more than entertained. Formas de pagamento aceitas: Rastreie seus pedidos recentes. Visualizar ou modificar seus pedidos em sua conta.