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BEHRINGER AB200 Dual A/B Footswitch

See all Behringer Products. Not for this guy – German technology rules! Rock – Fusion – Bluegrass. The first thing I did was install a 2. The necessary parts are found readily on the ‘Net.

These work great for my purposes – although on carpet they tend to squirt out from under foot – so I put them on a small piece of plywood. Quiet electronic switching; Programmable for your needs latching, non-latching, etc. Not very intuitive – fairly complex switching which is why it’s such a good buy for the money. Behringer could improve their instruction manual hard copy included with the switch and.

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What would I change?

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Excellent – there’s nothing else like it at this price. The AB does so much. Don’t know about this question. The design is engineered well, tough aluminum exterior housing with hard plastic rockers. The LED’s are a nice touch. It should come with a 2. I would replace it with another if it went AWOL.

No detectable coloration, hum or hiss. You can select between latch and non-latch. The major drawback behrihger the lack of 9v power input. You have to unscrew and open the case to change the battery. If you can step you can use this. The battery will go dead if you leave your gear plugged in. Plugging and unplugging gear will wear it out cause it uses cheap connectors.

I immediately modified mine with a Godlyke 9v battery adapter and my trusty Dremel. Now I don’t have to change batteries or unplug my gear ever. I’ve opened it and inspected the parts. The parts are cheap and not behringr all robust.

Be gentle with this. Not good for children or excitable teens ’cause they are really tough on pedals. What can you really expect from a XX pedal? I still buy a lot of Behringer.

Their gear is cheap but I have yet to have a problem. I’ll just fix it myself.

This solves a problem in my home rig for low cost and I did not lust for it. If it lasts, then great. I cheaped out and went with Ab00 instead of Boss.

Boss is better and more robust but still not sexy. When this breaks, I’ll attempt to fix it. Better switches and connectors. If I can’t fix it, then maybe A2b00 buy another Behringer, because I’m cheap. Ab2000, in Band, Active Musician. All over the place. Little if ANY noise. It does what is says it can do and it does it well Ease of Use: Very intuitive, and with the included diagrams and instructions its very easy to use. Switches should withstand a few years worth of use.

Nothing short of amazing the bang for the buck. I could not find any other manufacturer behtinger this type of switch for less than a C note. So for what you pay, you get a great if not superior product. I have had to use Behringer support only once and it was just a matter of trading emails with support to get the product replaced. I only give an 8 due to behrinber fact that I had to pay shipping to send it back to get it replaced.


I have had companies send me the replacement unit with a prepaid shipping label to send the defective unit back. Should serve me well, I may even purchase a second unit for extended capability. Did you find behdinger review helpful? Playing guitar since ‘ Christian contemporary, southern gospel, vintage rock, country, blues, rockabilly, blues, etc.

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Behringer often gets a bad rap because of the low prices on their products. Quiet operation, good construction, amazing sb200 in the set up possibilities and all for a very reasonable price. Money well spent on exactly what I was looking for. Have played guitar for 50 yrs, bass for 40, drums for Play in home studio and a few stage events per year. Blues, rock, country, bluegrass.

My personal use will be to choose from clean to dirty chain of pedals. On the dirty side I can have two options of light crunchy and chain saw ripping. So I can choose between 3 chains of pedals from one Behringer unit.

Excellent for nehringer cost. Operation was pretty quiet. The Boss style switches didn’t make the loud mechanical pop that you get from 3PDT switches. It doesn’t look that sturdy, but then I still have effects I bought in I don’t seem to tear up much equipment. My biggest complaint is that there is no option for external power.

I fixed that by hanging the battery snap outside the unit and changing one end of my external power cables with another battery snap with everything folded neatly into a small plastic medicine bottle. Works great for me. Again for the cost this works wonderfully. I use 2 amps one on each side of stage. I have only used this pedal a few times and it has performed well. But, I am a behrjnger act behrnger try to take great care of my equipment.