Blazing Splendor: The Memoirs of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche: Memoirs of the Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche | Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche | ISBN: A record of views and thoughts connected to Blazing Splendor, The Memoirs of the Dzogchen Yogi Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. Blazing Splendor has ratings and 13 reviews. Scott said: Wonderful stories told by Tulku Urgyen about his great grandfather, the famed Khampa terton.

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His was a life rich in spirituality and adventure, for not only was he a friend and personal confidant of many of the great religious figures of contemporary Tibet, but his relatives and ancestors were some of the most influential figures in Eastern Tibet over the centuries.


Tulku Urgyen was widely recognized as one of the most outstanding Tibetan lamas to survive the tragedy of the Chinese takeover. He had thoroughly studied and practiced the highest teachings and his exposition on Dzogchen transformed the lives of those he touched with gentle, penetrating clarity.

As a meditation teacher and a vajra master, he was without peer; he used his knowledge to touch the heart of everyone he met. With unsurpassed honesty and humility Tulku Urgyen offers an intimate glimpse into the remarkable reality of a tulku a reincarnated master as well as rinpkche in-depth memoors of the lost culture of old Tibet. Intimate in tone, Tulku Urgyen originally shared these tales with his closest Western students, over more than a decade.

Here urghen have been organized into a sweeping account that describes a world where miracles, mystery, and deep insight are the order of the day. From a fresh, eye-opening perspective he describes the lives of some of the most realized and genuine spiritual practitioners of 20th century Tibet including:.



Tulku Urgyen was uniquely positioned to know—and share with us—people who lived within this landscape of sacred values. Yet his message is not that realization is reserved for an elect few, but something that each and every one of us can attain. Central to Blazing Splendor is the teachings known as terma— a sacred teaching from a mystical source dating back a millennium which enriches the life and spirit of anyone who connects to it.

The result being not just a personal memoir, but a spiritual history of Tibet itself. We hear about the teachers who brought the Buddhist teachings to Tibet in the 9th century, and the unbroken line of masters who passed its secrets on through the ages.

Blazing Splendor is of both spiritual and historical import. It provides a first-hand glimpse into what actually took place in the last decades of old Tibet, through the eyes of an insider who held little illusion krgyen what was to transpire in his country and the life he was to lose forever. Spanning an exceptional period in Tibetan history and the impending invasion of the Red Army casts its shadow across the narrative foreshadowing the ultimate devastation of Tibetan culture and all its richness.

And finally, how the spiritual greatness that was once Tibet managed to resurrect itself in the world beyond, as Tulku Urgyen—seeing ill augurs of what was to come—flees Tibet a year before the Dalai Lama himself.


The unique lifestyle and culture of old Tibet was inexorably changed by the Communist take over in and with each passing year, the great masters who were trained under the classical spiritual system have been passing away.

In an effort to keep the spirit of this tradition alive, we felt compelled to present this first-person account by one of the last of this dying breed. Blazing Splendor is a tale of remarkable human yrgyen so different from the mundane contemporary world we live in—a glimpse that can splenor and awaken a nobility of heart.

Candid and yulku, each story is a spiritual gem yielding the profound wisdom that Tulku Urgyen embodied. With natural humility, Tulku Urgyen does not draw attention to himself or his own stature, but lets one ugryen the world—and a fascinating pantheon of characters—just as he does: In Blazing Splendor we hear an old Tibetan lama in the his last years review the highlights of his life story for one of his oldest Western students, Erik Pema Kunsang, who then translated the tales, and with his wife Marcia Schmidt, compiled them into this volume, with the editors Michael Tweed and Daniel Goleman.

Home Book Titles Blazing Splendor. From a urgywn, eye-opening perspective he describes the lives of some of the most realized and genuine spiritual practitioners of 20th century Tibet including: