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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. One has to dive into the ocean or delve into the rocks -to find them out. Similarly, truth lies concealed in the language which with the passage of time has become obsolete.

Man has to learn that language before he discovers that truth. But he has neither the means nor the leisure to embark on that course. We have, therefore, planned to help him telugi knowledge by an easier course- We have started the series of Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology in English Translation.

Our goal is to universalize knowledge through the most popular international medium of expression.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam

The publication ofthe Puranas in English translation is a step towards that goal. This is the Twenty-second volume in the series which we have planned on Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology. Hitherto twentyone volumes of the Series comprising English translation of Siva, Linga, Bhdgavata, Garuda, Ndrada and Kurma Purdnas have been published and released for sale.

This Purana, telugk all other Puranas, is encyclopaedic in character. It is called Brahmanda since it gives explanation of the real state of affairs about the universe. It is divided into four sections: Prakriyd, Anusahga, Upodghuta and Upasamhdra. It is accompanied by Lalitd-Mdhdtmya the glorification of the Goddess Lalita in 40 chapters. The present volume consists of two Sections viz.

Section 1 Prakriyd consists of five chapters which deal with the creation of the universe in the light of the Vedic metaphysics which it expounds in detail in the Puranic manner. This section describes the original state of equilibrium ofgunas qualitiesthe laying of the Golden Egg, the emer- gence ofthe creator lord Brahma from it.


The second section Anusahga, which this volume includes, contains 33 chapters The two sections which complete this volume illustrate the two characteristics of a Mahapurana viz. Old Sanskrit Text has been rendered into English as precisely as possible. The translation is based on the standard edition of the Venkatesvara Press.

The text is well edited, still it presents problems, hard to be overcome by mere translation. The need of annotations is evident therefore.

The learned translator has added ample materials in the footnotes which facilitate correct interpretation of the text. He has put elabo- rate comments in these notes on each and every problem of importance and discussed textual variations in the verses common to other Puranas.

The comparative study of the Javanese text of Brahmanda Purana in Kavi language with the Sanskrit text of the present Purana is a feature that shall be most wel- comed by the reader.

We have included Abbreviations in this part. They will be repeated in the succeeding parts too with such additions as are madein the notes ofthose parts.

The general Index will be appended to the last part. Acknowledgement ofOhligations It is our pleasant duty to put on record our sincere thanks to Dr. Dandekar and the UNESCO authorities for their kind encouragement and valuable help which render this work more useful than it would otherwise have been. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Tagare who has meticu- lously and delightfully accomplished this onerous task.

The critical Introduction, the lucid translation and comprehensive annotations are, in fact, his monumental contributions to the studies in Indology. We must thank Shri T. We should also express our gratitude to all those persons who have offered suggestions for improving the same. Contents of the Brahmanda Purana 3 2.

The Legend of Naimisaranya 22 3. The Creation of Hiranyagarbha 28 4. Constitution ofthe world Brahjanda Cosmic Egg 32 5. Kalpas and Bbrahmanda their Duration 57 7. Knowledge About the World 8. God Brahma’s Mental Creation: Birth of Bhrgu and Others 93 Magnificence of God Siva: His eight Names and Forms Race ofAgni Real Nature ofKala — Time: Seasons as Pitrs Manes Race of Priyavrata Length and extent ofthe Earth: Description of Jambijdvlpa Description of Bharata Varsas of Jambfldvlpa, Hari and Ilavrta Jambtidvlpa; The Bindu Lake- Its four streams Plaksa and other Continents Description ofthe Netherworlds Movements of heavenly Luminaries: Division ofTime 19ft xi The Divine Luminaries, Varieties of clouds.


Divisions of Stratosphere, the Chariot of the Sun-God Information about Tflugu bodies. The movement ofthe Polar Star The arrangement ofthe Heavenly Luminaries. The Sun, the source of Light to Luminarie s Origin of the Epithet Brahmandda. Siva swallowing poison Origin ofthe Linga-image of Siva Siva cursed by Purxna sages. Bdahmanda of Siva Liiiga — Injunctions regarding Ash- bath Meeting ofPururavas and Pitrs.

Performance of annual obsequies on the New Moon Day Characteristics ofYugas Inauguration ofthe Sacrificial Cult. Fall of King Vasu for denunciation of Sacrifices Castes and Stages of Life Yugas and Classes of People. Lineage of Sages Characteristics of Sages and of Mantras Vyasa and his Disciples Dynasty ofVaivasvata Manu Pliilo — History of Indian Piiilosopiiy are not included in tliis list. Bhdgavata Purdna, Bhagavat, Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad.

Brdhmana preceded by name such as Satapatha. Brahma Vaivarta Purdna, GM, CC Caturvarga Cintdmani by Hemadri. De, Orienta Reprint, Delhi, Dharma SUtra preceded by the author’s name such as Gautama.

GP Garuda Parana, Ed. Bhattacharya, Chowkhamba, Varanasi, Bombay, also Kashiraj Trust Edt. M K P Mdrkandeya Parana.

Read / Download Brahmanda Puranam in Telugu @

Matsya Parana, G M MW Monier Williams Sk. PE Puranic Encyclopaedia by V. Purdna Journal of the Kashiraj TrustVaranasi. The Title Brahmdnda This Pufana is called ‘Braiimanda’, as god Bralima narrat- ed it with special emphasis on the description of the Brahmanda the Cosmic Egg and deals with the future Kalpa-periods.

The term Brahmanda connotes a mix of ancient Indian concepts about cosmography, cosmology purrana cosmogony.