Sheet Music – £ – Libretto to Gloriana, an opera in three acts, by William Op. 53 – Film Version (Opera North) NTSC (Opus Arte DVD) – Britten, Benjamin. which passed between Benjamin Britten and William Plomer during and. , when they were working on the libretto and score of Gloriana. During the. Britten’s score contains some inspired moments: the Queen’s noble The Cast GLORIANA, opera in three acts by Benjamin Britten; libretto by.

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England, around Duration: Queen Elizabeth the First: Soprano Robert Devereux Earl of Essex: Tenor Frances Countess of Essex: Bass Henry Cuffe A satellite of Essex: Baritone A Lady in Waiting: Soprano A Blind Ballad Singer: Bass The Recorder of Norwich: Mezzo-soprano The Spirit of the Masque: Tenor The Master of Ceremonies: Tenor The City Crier: At a royal jousting tournament, the ambitious Earl of Essex picks a fight with Lord Mountjoy and is wounded.


Working on her fondness for him, Essex flatters the queen and asks to be appointed her Deputy in Ireland, to quell the rebel Tyrone. Elizabeth temporises, conscious of her position as monarch and wary of his impetuousness.

In Norwich, the Queen is welcomed by the citizens and entertained with a masque of Time and Concord. Essex is furious, but mollified when Elizabeth announces the appointment he has long craved glorixna sends him to Ireland.

His campaign, however, is a failure and on his unexpected return he insists on admittance to the monarch while she dresses: He pleads his cause, but she is unconvinced and later Cecil warns her kibretto his scheme to replace her.

Essex is condemned, and when a deputation of his wife, sister and friend to plead for him goes badly awry, Elizabeth signs the warrant for his execution. In the final scene, librrtto dying monarch recalls the tests she has withstood during her reign. The idea for Gloriana first occurred to Britten whilst he was talking with the Earl of Harewood about nationalism in opera during a skiing holiday in Austria.


Britten had a number of National Gallery postcards of famous Renaissance figures, including Elizabeth I and the Earl of Essex, on his desk as he worked on the music for Gloriana to keep him in mind of the period in which the opera was set.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh attended a dinner at the home of the Earl and Countess of Harewood in Brtiten at which they were given a sneak preview of some of the music from the opera. Gloriana Britten’s Coronation Opera.

Gloriana – Britten-Pears Foundation

Cast Queen Elizabeth the First: Load More… Follow on Instagram. Twitter Thank you to everyone who visited The Red House this year. We hope you loved your time with us discovering Britten’… https: