Comments Off on Bruhaspati Kavacham (Guru Kavacham) – PlainEnglish 22 January bRuhaspati prasaada siddhyarthE japE viniyOgaH ||. provides services of Brihaspati Kavacham in English in pdf, Read Brihaspati Kavacham in English, Free Downlaod Brihaspati Kavacham Buddhichanak (Nepali); Buddunibomma Katha (Telugu); Budha Kavacham. You can download Bruhaspati Kavacham (Guru Kavacham) pdfs here. Bruhaspati Bruhaspati Kavacham (Guru Kavacham) pdf in Telugu Download.

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Bruhaspati Kavacham Guru Kavacham in Telugu

Brahma told Bhrigu that he was giving a Kavacha of Saraswati which was the essence of Shrutis, which was sonorous to the ears, proposed in Vedas and fully approved. Raaseshwara Bhagavan Shri Krishna in Goloka where Raasamandalis were in progress preached this Kavacha which was confidential and unheard by anybody earlier. Shukraachaarya became tepugu of worship by all Daityas due to this Kavacha.


Swayambhu Manu came to be revered due to its constant Recitation. The famous writers viz.

Guru Brihaspati Kavach

Shraddha is given as my sacrifice to Shreem-Hreem- Swarupini Saraswati and I request that she must please guard my head from all the directions. Mother Saraswati Veda Swarupa!

As the tip of my tongue is dedicated to Om Swarupini, kindly protect my western disha. Preserve me safe from all directions.

Recitation of this Kavacha yields memory power, mental sharpness and immense knowledge. Surya Stutis by Devaas and Trimurthis. Vishnu Stutis by Brahma and Devi Aditi.

Bruhaspati Kavacham (Guru Kavacham) in English

Stutis to Vishnu and Shiva at Amrita Manthana. The author can be contacted at raovdn gmail. Click here to read the Essence of various puranas. Useful Info e-Seva Portal Subscribe: Brahmanda Nayaka Krishna Kavacha. Shiva Kavacha and Shiva Mantraraja.

Durga Stuti and Kavacha. Shri Durga Sapta Shloki. Maha Purusha Stuti by Rudra.


Kartikeya Stuti by Devas. Nrisimha Stuti by Aditi Devi.

Vamana Stutis by Brahma and Bhu Devi. Shiva Stuti and Shiva Kavacha. Brihad Vamana Swarupa Stuti. Shri Rama Shata Naamaavali.

Siva Sahasranama Thousand Names of Siva. Shri Vishnu Sahasra Naama Stotra.