The network centres are in various levels viz Centres of Excellence (CoEs), Distributed The schedule of training courses in various centres is published as BTISNET training Calendar in every year. Access to researchers all over India. Bioinformatics in India Formation of Task Group on Bioinformatics by Dr. S. Ramachandran Department of Biotechnology established Biotechnology. This resource sharing helps in enhancing the value and usefulness of the BTIS, the only true resource sharing network in India. BTISnet in a.

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Recognizing the importance of information technology for pursuing advanced research in modern biology and biotechnology, a bioinformatics programme, envisaged as a distributed database and network organisation, was launched during The programme has btix a very successful vehicle for transfer and exchange of information, scientific knowledge, technology packages, and references in the country involving thousand scientific personnel.


At present, under this programme Bioinformatics Centres were established in various Universities and Research Institutions spread across the country. The entire network has emerged as a very sophisticated scientific infrastructure for bioinformatics involving state-of-the-art computational and communication facilities. The computer indix network, linking all the bioinformatics centres, is playing a vital role in the success of the bioinformatics programme.

Research Projects online submission.

Information on Biotechnology Information System Network | National Portal of India

Contact us Site map Archive. G Diploma and Ph.

In addition, all centres are offering short term training courses. Over such training courses have been conducting in every year.

Bioinformatics National Certification Examination BINC is conducting since to certify professionals in the area of Bioinformatics and providing fellowships for the qualified candidates to pursue in research. Over hundred research projects have been supported.

Of these fifty of them are ongoing projects. The proposals can be submitted online. To review the BTISNET activities and formulating viable strategy to nftwork the facilities to the beneficiaries Coordinators meeting is organising every year. Access to more than databases and software tools on various aspects of biology and biotechnology developed by BTISnet Centers.


Information on Biotechnology Information System Network

Provides links to open access popular databases and tools. The facility can be accessed by researchers in all over the country More Established in six CoEs for interactive graphics based molecular modelling and other biocomputational needs.

Access to researchers all over India.