C Datasheet PDF Download – 2SC, C data sheet. 2SC Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. C Datasheet: 10A NPN Switching Power Transistor, C PDF Download Shindengen, C Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet, Equivalent.

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Technical Specifications, Connections, and Chassis Overview 2 2.

Safety Instructions, Warnings, and Notes 5 3. Directions for F4237 6 4. Mechanical Instructions 7 5. Tuner B03 30 SSB: Copyright Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval datasheeg or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise without the prior permission of Philips.

Figures can deviate due to the different set executions. Specifications are indicative subject to change. The following connector colour abbreviations are used acc.

Audio – Out Rd – Audio R 0. Safety Instructions, Warnings, and Notes Index of this chapter: Service Default Mode see chapter 5 with a colour bar signal cc4237 stereo sound L: Where necessary, measure the waveforms and voltages with D and without E aerial signal.

Measure c2437 voltages in the power supply section both in normal operation G and in stand-by F. These values are indicated by means of the appropriate symbols. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Replace safety components, indicated by the symbol h, only dahasheet components identical to the original ones. Any other component substitution other than original type may increase risk of fire or electrical shock hazard.

Safety regulations require that after a repair, the set must be returned in its original condition. Pay in particular attention to the following points: Route the wire trees correctly and fix them with the mounted cable clamps.

The reading should be between 4. Check the cabinet for defects, to prevent touching of any inner parts by the customer.

All resistor values are in ohms, and the value multiplier is often used to indicate the decimal point location e. Resistor values with no multiplier may be indicated with either an “E” or an “R” e. Capacitor values may also use the value multiplier as the decimal point indication e.

Refer to the diversity tables for the correct values. The correct component values are listed in the Spare Parts List. Therefore, always check this list when there is any doubt. After login, select “Magazine”, then go to “Repair downloads”. For an overview of these profiles, visit the website www. For additional questions please contact your local repair help desk.


Careless handling during repair can reduce life drastically. Make sure that, during repair, you are connected with the same potential as the mass of the set by a wristband with resistance. Keep components and tools also at this same potential.

Available ESD protection equipment: Be careful during measurements in the high voltage section. Never replace modules or other components while the unit is switched “on”.

C4234 Datasheet

When you align the set, use plastic rather than metal tools. This will prevent any short circuits datxsheet the danger of a circuit becoming unstable. Use only lead-free soldering tin Philips SAC with order code If lead-free solder paste is required, please contact the manufacturer of your soldering equipment.

In general, use of solder paste within workshops should be avoided because paste is not easy to store and to handle. Use only adequate solder tools applicable for lead-free soldering tin. The solder tool must be able: The voltages and waveforms shown in the diagrams are indicative. The 6 last digits contain the serial c2437. To avoid wear-out of tips, switch “off” unused equipment or reduce heat. If this cannot be avoided, carefully clear the solder-joint from old tin and re-solder with new tin.

AG 1A 2. AG2B indicates the number dagasheet the datashet B. Bill Of Materials that has been used for producing the specific TV set. In general, it is possible that the same TV model on the market is produced with e. By looking at the third digit of datsheet serial number, one can identify which B. If the third digit of the serial number contains the number “1” example: If the third digit is a “2” example: AG2Bthen the set has been produced according to B.

This is important for ordering the correct spare parts! For the third digit, the numbers Z can be used, so in total: The bottom line of a type plate gives a digit serial number. Digits 1 and 2 refer to the production centre e.

C datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

BZ is Suzhoudigit 3 refers to the B. If your repair procedure says the board should be exchanged completely, do not solder on the defective board. Otherwise, it cannot be returned to the O. It makes sense to avoid exposure to electrical shock. While some sources are expected to have a possible dangerous impact, others of quite high potential are of limited current and are sometimes held in less regard.


(Datasheet) C pdf – SHINDENGEN Switching Power Transistor HFX Series 2SC (1-page)

While some may not be dangerous in themselves, they can cause unexpected reactions that are best avoided. Before reaching into a powered TV set, it is best to test the high voltage insulation.

It is easy to do, and is a good service precaution. Directions for Use You can download this information from the following websites: Mechanical Instructions Index of this chapter: Figures below can deviate slightly from the actual situation, due to datasheeet different set executions. Follow the disassemble instructions in described order. They apply to the 32″ model, but the described method is daatasheet for the other screen sizes.

Refer to next figure. Unscrew two screws[1] 3. Unplug connector [3] and remove the board. When defective, replace the whole unit Service Positions For easy servicing of this set, there are a few possibilities created: The buffers from the packaging. The original aluminium stands.

Foam bars created for Service.

IGBT 2SC4237 C4237 TO-247 ROHS ORIGINAL 10PCS/lot Free Shipping Electronics composition kit

Unplug the connector [1]. Release clips [2] and remove the IR board. When defective, replace the whole unit. Refer to next two figures. Unplug the connectors [1]. Remove the screws [2]. Figure Foam bars The foam bars order code for two pieces can be used for all types and sizes of Flat TVs. Ensure that the foam bars are always supporting the cabinet and never only the display. Failure to follow these guidelines can seriously damage the display! By laying the TV face down on the ESD protective foam bars, a stable situation is created to perform measurements and alignments.

By placing a mirror under the TV, you can monitor the screen. Disconnect the mains power cord before you remove the rear cover. Place the TV set upside down on a table top, using the foam bars see part “Service Position”. Remove the screws that secure the rear cover and the stand if mounted. The screws are located at the top, bottom, left and right sides.

Lift the rear cover from the cabinet.