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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Customers with established credit and an account on a current basis will be shipped open account. Shipments to past due accounts may be held pending payment. All prepaid freight charges will be added to invoice or billed separately.

All additional expense will be the responsibility of the customer. Our responsibility ends when merchandise is delivered to or receipted for by carrier. If delivered goods are damaged in transit, the delivering transportation company is required by law to make notation of damages on freight bill.

Returns other than defectives over 45 days from original shipment may be subject to a nominal handling charge or a restocking charge. Prices subject to change without notice. Some items may not be in stock at all warehouses or may be special order. All authorized returns must have: We wish to maintain that policy but within reasonable guidelines. If you follow the above stated policy we dahasheet process your legitimate returns with the least amount of confusion and at the lowest possible cost to all.

All shipments will be at prices in effect at time of shipment. Written price quotations are subject to the terms of quotation. Verbal price quotations are subject to correction of price at time of shipment. TAXES Buyer assumes responsibility for all sales, use or excise taxes not included in total invoice price.

Appropriate state and local taxes will be charged datqsheet all accounts not providing a valid resale exemption certificate. Some products offered for datasbeet herein may contain lead and are not intended for use in water systems.

Meters and Scales Section C.

Plant Equipment Section D. White – Construction Heaters L. Outdoor Living Section M. General Information Section Q. Check account information and product availability, order online and much, much more. These regulators are factory set to reduce tank pressure to an intermediate pressure of approximately 10 PSIG. The use of a positive, direct-acting lever style improves performance in situations where ambient temperature is at freezing and fuel has high moisture content.

NPT on both regulator inlet and downstream side of the regulator. Plugs can be removed inlet and downstream side of the regulator. These regulators handle vaporization of tanks up to gallons.

Reduce tank pressure to an intermediate pressure of 5 to 10 PSIG. Also used to supply high pressure c7563 for applications like industrial furnaces or boilers. Also incorporated in multiple cylinder installations. Ideal for medium commercial installations, multiple cylinder installations and normal domestic loads. Backmount Design – Mounts directly c57663 house line piping. Eliminates need for union joints, elbows, and mounting brackets.


Quick and easy to install. Ideal for medium commercial installations, vapor meter installations and normal domestic loads. Its right angle design mounts to a vapor meter, or directly to the house piping. Compact design makes for ease of installation in new and retrofit install situations. Ideal for larger commercial and industrial applications, multiple cylinder installations dataeheet large domestic systems.

Over Inlet Inlet 2, Prices subject to change datwsheet notice. Systems that utilize this regulator use smaller than normal piping inside of the building. Inlet Outlet Connection Connection Part datashheet. The LVG4 regulator will supply a steady and constant flow of fuel to as many as 12 to 20 burners throughout the barn.

Empty containers may be replaced without interrupting gas service. Service and Bracket Reserve Included Indicator 9″ to 13″ w. Two Stage Regulator Outfits These outfits contain the equipment required to provide two-stage regulation.

Inlet x Outlet F. They may not be used on fixed pipe systems per NFPA Designed to reduce propane gas container pressure down to between 3 and PSIG. Ideal for liquid or vapor service, they can be used in a variety of applications including salamander heaters, weed burning torches, fish cookers, tar pot heaters, and other industrial type services.

Also ideal as a first stage regulator in large multiple operations. Care must be taken to prevent re-liquification of propane at normal temperatures by heat tracing or other effective means. Use of a relief valve upstream or downstream of these regulators is recommended in accordance with NFPA The AAV series is ideal for use in anhydrous ammonia applications such as blue print machines and heat treating.

Care should always be taken in selecting the proper pigtail for a particular application. Engineered Controls International, Inc. The UL Listed pigtails provide a built in pressure test block and bleeder valve for leak testing installations per the requirements in NFPA 54 edition. NPT connections and are machined from brass. Especially for summer cottages, mobile homes and dafasheet appliance loads. Floating disc check minimizes discharge of gas to the atmosphere when empty cylinder is being replaced.

Ideal for loads that require more than one cylinder to be in service at a time. Provides a three-way tee function without an internal disc check. Adapters are also available. Adapter has 0 to PSIG gauge. A bleeder valve allows you to bleed down to correct pressure during pressure tests. It is ideal for pressure checks downstream of the low pressure regulator and at the appliances.

The easy-to-use system requires no special tools and only minimal training, so drivers and servicemen can easily comply with industry-mandated leak detection and documentation procedures. Can be adapted for use with gauges and equipment you already have. Save time and money by never breaking the system to perform system leak tests. Streamline service, risk management and loss control obligations. Available exclusively from RegO Master Distributors.


Inner red dial is the temperature reading that should closely correspond to the pressure reading outer black dial if liquid is in the tank. Not legal at Tank Pressure Locations and not recommended datasyeet interior use. Container Service Connection Connection Datasheer. Ideal for cylinders used in the field by construction crews, utility repair men and plumbers.

None PSIG lbs.

the Teeco Master Catalog here

Cylinder Valve for Liquid Withdrawal Equipped with excess flow valves and liquid withdrawal tubes, they are designed for liquid withdrawal of DOT cylinders up to lbs. They are most often used with heavy BTU loads found in industrial uses.

To ensure proper functioning and maximum protection from excess flow valves, the cylinder valve should be fully opened and backseated when in use.

These valves incorporate an excess flow valve. Refer to L, Section F for complete information regarding selection, operation and testing of excess flow valves.

Refer to L, Section F, for complete information regarding selection, operation and testing of excess flow valves. NPT pressure test port. With the service valve closed, the pressure test port will be isolated from the container. This will allow a high-pressure leak test to be conducted without disconnecting the pigtail from the service valve. The integral excess flow valve found in all these service valves helps prevent excessive product loss in the event of fuel line rupture. When installed for liquid withdrawal, the H6 has provisions for attachment of a liquid withdrawal tube.

All other valves must be installed in containers that have provisions for a separate liquid withdrawal.

C Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

To insure proper functioning and maximum protection from integral excess flow valves, these service valves should be fully opened and backseated when in use. Container Service Part no. Connection Connection C1 F. For greater lengths, the pigtail must have a larger O. For longer pigtail lengths, the diameter of the pigtail must be increased.

Refer to L, Section F for complete information regarding selection, operation and testing excess flow valves. The P5 Series must be installed in containers that have provisions for a separate liquid withdrawal. When utilizing an unloading adapter with a RegO valve, use RegO adapters only.

They can be used with underground or above darasheet containers; a separate opening is required for liquid withdrawal.