The Hidden Child. Camilla Läckberg, trans. from the Swedish by Marlaine Delargy. Pegasus Crime (Norton, dist.), $ (p) ISBN. Lackberg, Camilla – ‘The Hidden Child’ (translated by Tiina Nunnally) Paperback: pages (June ) Publisher: Harper ISBN. In The Hidden Child by Camilla Lackberg we are introduced to crime writer Erica Falck. Returning to her field of work after the birth of her child.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? chilr

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Her enquiries lead her to the home of a retired history teacher. Two days later he meets a violent death. Who would kill so ruthlessly to bury secrets so old? Could what little knowledge she has be enough to hisden her husband and newborn baby? The dark past is coming to light, and no one will escape the truth of how they came to be.

Paperback hhe, pages. Published June 20th by HarperCollins first published April 19th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Hidden Child lackbfrg, please sign up.

I got the following book of the series as a present. If I skip this and read the 6th book first, will I miss much? Will there be many spoilers? Rachel After having read up to this one, I would advise reading in order. See all 4 questions about The Hidden Child…. Lists with This Book. Sep 12, Alex rated it really liked it Lakberg Erica is not sidelined for the first time since The Ice Princessand Mellberg, now that we’ve lacckberg that he doesn’t do any actual work, is clearly being groomed into a lovably reformed “middle aged” man in his sixties.

First you throw him a dog, and the rest will follow. There are times when it seems like sentiment is being slathered over the page, but this is the sort of emotional response that is chold than forgivable five books into a series; it’s practically expected. The Hidden Child is a successful novel because it is intelligent, interesting, and at least a little melancholy. This is very good small town crime fiction indeed.

View all 4 comments. Apr 06, Aditi rated it really liked it Shelves: That is what it means to be family. Crime writer Erica Falck is shocked to discover a Nazi medal among her ths mother’s possessions. Haunted by a childhood of neglect, she resolves to dig deep into her family’s past and finally uncover the reasons why.


Her inquiries lead her to the home of a retired history teacher. He was among her mother’s circle of friends during the Second World War but her questions are met with bizarre and evasive answers. Reluctantly Erica must read her mother’s wartime diaries. But within the pages is a painful revelation about Erica’s past. The dark past is coming to light, and no one will escape the truth of how they came to be… Patrik is on leave for his daughter Maja and he can’t stop himself from disturbing his wife, Erica who is back to writing novels in the very comfort of their home.

But on the very first day of his leave, Patrik is stumbled upon a crime scene where the dead body of an old historian has been found by his colleagues, and little did Patrik knew that Erica had sought help, not very long time ago, from the same historian about an old Nazi war medal that she found among her late mother’s belongings. Together Patrik and Erica embark upon a forgotten path taking them back in time through Erica’s mother’s journals that narrate the period when the world war II is coming to an end, in order to find the connection of her mother and her friends in Sweden in the war.


Eventually the history begins to unravel right in front of their eyes when the hidden secrets surface up about a young and naive couple who got caught up between love and war. The book held me from the very first chapter till the very last line of the book, although I must say, the book ended with a bang I mean literally! The book opens a bit slow and all the while it felt like there’s no point of stretching such a good story for so long by withholding the secret which finally became very obvious midway through the story.

Anyhow, what allured me to stick to this book is the way the author narrates the whole story, bit-by-bit, piece-by-piece in a forward motion, where there were no wrong turns to mislead me into another theory of what has actually happened in Erica’s mother’s past.

The writing style is flawless, with a captivating narrative style. The prose is evocative since most of the time it brings up the past despite of the clean slate kind of situation. The importance of having family is closely observed in this story thus leaving the readers with a feeling of longing for their families. Moreover, the author captures the aura of the war and how war affects the bonds of the families if someone from that family becomes a prisoner of the war and how war can bring people together and they destroy those newly formed bonds, all these themes are delicately depicted into this story.

The Hidden Child (Patrik Hedström, #5) by Camilla Läckberg

The mystery doesn’t play any games with the minds of readers, yet the author takes a lot of time to unravel it, by giving each and every character a proper presence in this puzzle, I mean it’s like every one adds up to this mystery. The atmosphere that the author sets in to this story line lackbert thick in suspense and gives a chilling feeling while reading it and the very essence of evil, since the best part of this story is the careful postmortem of darkness underlying during the era of war.

The characters are strongly developed, with lots of back story so that the readers are able to contemplate with each and every one of her characters in this book.

The demeanor reflected in each people of this small city in Sweden is impressive, where all the families have their own story to chjld. The main characters are developed with the pace of the mystery. The author here simply played with the minds of the readers in her own way, thus reproducing a brilliant masterpiece. And I promise, there are some characters in the book which are going to stay with you long after the end of the story.

Since this is the third book that I read in this series, the first being not so memorable for me, but surprisingly this book stands out in the mellow, which being a bit tedious yet maintains that old charm of being intriguing and intense both at the same time. Nordic noir at its best and Camilla knows how to lac,berg a page turning thriller with a flavor of history and a deathly murder plot.

View all 5 comments. I’m not really lackbergg why I’m still reading these, but Camillx guess they’re predictably enjoyable? I’m always really into the mysteries, and you pretty much know it’s going to unfold really slowly. Still, hidde are uncomfortably sexist sometimes, even though Lackberg seems to be making an effort to sort of drag that discussion into her story. But, like, Patrik will do things like go on an accidental two-hour errand run, while leaving the baby with Erica even though she’s now working and he’s on paternity I’m not really sure why I’m still reading these, but I guess they’re predictably enjoyable?

But, like, Patrik will do things like go on an accidental two-hour errand run, while leaving the camilla with Erica even though she’s now working and he’s on paternity leave, and then Erica will be pissed at him Like, he doesn’t really get it?



And eventually she’s like, “Oh, I overreacted”. Um, excuse me, you didn’t overreact; you had a totally normal reaction of a person who is entitled to do work like a human without your husband who is supposed to be the main caretaker at this point suddenly giving you the kid.

Lackberg sort of, maybe, wraps this up towards the end, but it still doesn’t FEEL that good to me. These books are feminist-y with a patriarchal twist, and that’s always been SUPER weird and conflicting to me I feel this way about most Scandinavian crime fiction thoughbut that will definitely not stop me from reading the next kackberg. They’re shocked to discover his badly decomposed body.

Coincidentally true crime writer Erica Falck, looking through belongings of her deceased mother, Elsy, finds some diaries hiddden a Nazi medal. Thus starts a dual investigation – the police look into Erik’s death and Erica searches for information about her mother.

The story alternates between the present-day hiddsn the s during World War IIwhen some Swedes aided the resistance in Nazi-occupied Norway. The mysteries in the book multiply when a lac,berg with Alzheimer’s disease is killed and Elsy’s friends are curiously reluctant to talk lzckberg Elsy with her daughter, Erica. The book has plenty of interesting characters, including Nazi sympathizers, Nazi hunters, a motley crew of detectives, a cute child, and a stray dog that helps its ghe owner find romance.

I found the characters more interesting than the mystery at the heart of the story, which turned out to be fairly ordinary and foreshadowed by the book’s title.

Also, once the mystery was resolved the explanation was too long and drawn out. The book does provide some interesting insight into Sweden’s role in WWII and the fate of Scandinavian prisoners of war. Overall, an okay book. You can follow my reviews at http: Another favourite from Camilla Lackberg! I just camklla get enough of her writing!

Her thrillers are right up my alley! This one includes flashbacks from the dark days of WW2 which is another reason why I loved it! I think this hirden along with The stonecutter are my 2 favourites! I’m generous giving this a 3. Closer to a 2. A run on sentence but that’s what is going on more and more with each progressive Lackberg novel.

I do I’m generous giving this a 3. I doubt I will read anymore. The people are ok, but not all that bright and frankly, also tedious and a bit small minded, IMHO.

And at the same time the main 4 or 5 characters have also become pure stereotypes. It has a dumbing down result that camipla kills any entertainment value for me.

Jul 21, Ema hiddsn it did not like it Shelves: I was an avid reader of detective novels in high school, but I haven’t tried this genre for quite a while.

I decided to leave the classics aside and dive into unknown territories, those of the oackberg writers of detective fiction.

Another reason not to fall prey again to a good rating and a promising synopsis. If you brace yourself and read this book nonetheless, be ready for I was an avid reader of detective novels in high school, but I haven’t tried this genre for quite a while.

If you brace yourself and read this book nonetheless, be ready for an epidemic of pregnant women, cups of coffee at every page and hour of the day, domestic scenes that are boring as hell – which I soon started to skip – and a detective investigation that is diluted and just as tasteless as a watery cocktail.

I finished this pages book in no time though, because I skipped more than half of it.