Start Here i Series Photo Printer Easy Setup Instructions 1 Unpack the Printer 1 Carefully remove all items from the box. 2 Prepare the Printer 3 Install the. Thank you for purchasing a Canon Bubble Jet Printer. Instructions that, if ignored, could result in death or serious personal injury caused by with the i Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Canon i

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Be sure the printer manuak off before continuing, or the computer will attempt to install the printer driver before the printer is ready. Tear at notch to open NOTE: To avoid spilling ink, never press on the sides of an ink tank. Do not touch the print head nozzles and the electrical contacts. If your computer and operating system support USB 2.

I | Canon I User Manual | Page 2 / 2 | Original mode

Otherwise, use the bottom port. If you do not know your USB version number, connect using the lower port. Do not switch port after installation. Refer to the color guide on the print head holder.

Lift open the o9900 rest and extend the paper output tray. Paper Output Tray The print head will rest at a slight angle. If your computer and operating system support FireWire, use the Firewire port.


Otherwise, use the USB port. The printer will perform a print head cleaning. Remove the protective tape.

IEEE 6 Remove the packaging from inside the paper 5 Lower the lock lever and press it down until it clicks into place. Pinch the paper guide and slide it to the left.


Load the printer with a few sheets of blank paper, then slide the paper guide toward the left edge of the paper. You will need this later to register the product.

The software will begin identifying the printer port being used. If your computer cannot detect a printer port, click Help and refer to the online instructions. For Mac OS 8. Right-click the i icon, then click Printing Preferences. Log on as an Administrator before continuing. Click the down-arrow to select Test Print. Uswr the Print Head Alignment icon and follow the on-screen instructions.

Right-click the i icon, then click Properties. Mznual at the printed patterns and input the values for each pattern that shows no flaws least number of white stripes. Click the Maintenance tab, then click on the Print Head Alignment icon.

The setup program should run automatically. If the setup program does not run, click Start, then Run, then type D: Follow the on-screen instructions.

When asked to start the print head alignment, click Print Head Alignment and follow the on-screen instructions. When the “Authenticate” screen appears, enter your administrator name and password.

  DEI 611T PDF

Canon i9900 Quick Start Manual

If you do not know your administrator name or password, clickthen follow the on-screen instructions. You will need to align your print head after you restart your computer.

Print head alignment is now complete. The rest of the print head alignment process will take place automatically. Ensure paper is loaded and follow the on-screen instructions. This process will take a few minutes. When the “Installation completed successfully” screen appears, click Restart.

Double-click the Macintosh HD icon, then Applications folder. Double-click the Utilities folder, then maunal Print Center icon.

For Mac OS X When the Printer List screen appears, select i, then click the Configure icon. Select i and click Used. The installation process will start. Canon is a Registered Trademark of Canon Inc.

Canon i9900, i9950 Service Manual

All other products and brand names are registered trademarks or trademarks uwer their respective owners. Specifications subject to change without notice. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.