Thank you for your purchase of the Canon Compact Photo Printer SELPHY CP/ available (refer to the camera’s Instruction Manual for the menu settings). View and Download Canon Selphy CP user manual online. Compact Photo Printer. Selphy CP Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Selphy cp View and Download Canon SELPHY CP printer software manual online. For Windows. SELPHY CP Software pdf manual download. Also for: Selphy.

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If you are using another version of software, actual screen contents and procedures may differ slightly from those indicated in this guide. Included with the printer About illustrations used in this guide This guide uses illustrations mainly for the CP Unless otherwise mentioned, operations are also the same when using the CP Loading the Ink Cassette in the Printer p. Loading the paper into the Paper Cassette p. Middle cover Place the middle cover back to its original position, and leave the top cover open.

Loading the Paper Cassette into the Printer p. To power outlet Connecting the Camera to the Printer p. Before using your printer for the first time, please read through the “Safety Precautions” p. This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories. SOFTWARE is subject to the laws of the United States, and Canada, and other applicable copyright and trademark laws, and nothing in this Agreement constitutes a waiver of the rights of Canon, its affiliated corporations and third party licensors under such laws.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this guide is accurate and complete, no liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions. Canon reserves the right to change the specifications of the hardware and software described herein at any time without prior notice. Continued use of the equipment may result in fire or electric shock. Immediately turn the printer power off and remove the printer battery or unplug the power cord from the power outlet.

Power Do not exceed the cable and power outlet ratings when operating this product. Do not operate this product outside of the specified voltage rating. Check that the voltage of the outlet is compatible with the devices before plugging them in. If the power cord becomes damaged if internal wiring is exposed, etc.

Do not rest heavy objects on the devices. Do not reach into internal parts of the devices except as specified in the operating instructions. Such conditions could lead to injury, fire, electric shock or other damage. Unplug the devices when you are not using them.

Be sure to leave clearance around the paper-handling slot at the rear so that paper has sufficient room to jut out from the slot during printing. Ink Cassettes Please use only the ink cassettes specified for use by Canon.


Do not open the ink cassette cover while printing is in progress, and do not pull the ink cassette out. Color change may occur over time in accordance with conditions of storage. Canon assumes no liability for color changes. It can be charged at any charge state.


It takes approximately minutes to amnual a fully discharged battery pack to a full charge state based on standard Canon testing criteria. This cover prevents dust from entering the printer. When the printer is not in use, always cznon it as shown in the figure. Please check the following website for information on the newest firmware and how to use and print with the Bluetooth unit.

Ready to print Blinking green: Printing in progress Orange: Charging the battery pack sold separately. The power button also lights to indicate the printer status. Insert the memory card into the appropriate memory card slot.

User Guide This Guide p. If the set is not correct, you will majual be able to print. Please check the sets and the names of their components in the table below. Viewing the LCD monitor display p. Viewing the display window on the top of the printer p. Attempting to reuse an empty ink cassette may result in malfunction or damage to the printer. Loading the Paper into the Paper Cassette Do not insert more than 18 sheets in the paper cassette. Do not insert more than 12 sheets of wide size paper x mm 4 x 8 in.

Place the middle cover back to its original position. After sellphy the middle cover down, slide it in the direction of the arrow until it clicks back into place. Do not close the top cover. Printed or fed paper is coated even when nothing is printed on the paper.

Therefore, never reuse the printed or fed paper for printing. Numbers in the figure correspond to the steps in the procedure below. Make sure that the memory card is not inserted into the printer and that the printer is not connected to the computer. The camera returns to the playback screen once printing is successfully completed. Printing from Memory Card CP only Insert manula memory card into the printer so that you can print images stored on the memory card.

Make sure that the camera or computer is not connected to the printer. Clearer printing results can be obtained when printing from a memory card by optimizing the information stored in the camera when the photo was taken.

Inserting Memory Cards Do not load two or more memory cards at the same time. The power button lights green once the printer powers up. After a while, the startup screen is displayed on the LCD monitor. Push the memory card all srlphy way into the card slots. Printing is canceled when this button is pressed during printing. The required number of specific images can be printed together. Buttons available for this function Turn the printer on, and insert the memory card into the card slot p.


Check the setting on the LCD monitor. Make sure that the paper cassette contains the required number of sheets of paper. The date cannot be swlphy with the DATE button. Specifying the Layout Specify the print layout. Printing the Date Select whether or not to print the date that pc510 took the photograph. When you print the date, specify the format of the date.

Select the required operation mode, and press the DATE button to select the date format. The date is not printed.

Install the software and the printer driver according to the following steps. If you are using another version of OS, actual screen contents and procedures may differ slightly from those indicated here. Select [Easy Installation] as the setup type and click [Next]. Select [Custom Installation] to select programs for individual installation. Follow the screen messages to proceed.

When a dialog box appears instructing that the installation is complete, click [Finish]. Restart your computer when a dialog box appears instructing you to do so. Next, install the printer driver to your computer. Refer to “Connecting the Printer to Your Computer” p. Quit any programs that are running. The installer panel appears. Click the Application Software [Install] button. Select [Easy Installation] and then click [Next]. Click the printer you are using.

Canon SELPHY CP510

Click [Agree] if you consent to all the conditions of the software license agreement. Select [Easy Install] and then click the [Install] button. The Printer List window appears. Click the [Add] button.

Select [USB], select the printer name, and then click the [Add] button.

Close the window by clicking in the upper left-hand corner. Connecting the Printer to Your Computer Notes about connection Before connecting the printer to a computer, make sure that the memory card is not inserted into the printer and that the printer is not connected to the camera.

The printer may not function properly. When using the USB cable, be sure to connect the printer directly to your computer. There is no need to turn off the printer or your computer. When connecting the printer to your computer, make sure the connectors on the ends of the USB cable match the ports on the printer and your computer. This guide can be downloaded from the following web site if it is required. The instructions in this section are intended for uninstallation of Easy-PhotoPrint.