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If something is missing, contact your dealer as soon as possible. This means that less than 0. A printer that supports PRINT Edilim Matching adjusts the printed image accordingly, so your images come out just the way you intended when you recorded them. High-voltage internal components create the risk of electric shock when exposed.

Any of the following creates the risk of corruption of data in file memory. Condensation can cause malfunction of the camera, so you should avoid exposing it to conditions that might cause condensation. Doing so can scratch the lens surface and cause malfunction.

Never touch the lens with your fingers. Load the battery into the camera page Stopper Place the camera onto the USB cradle to charge the battery page See page 49 for details. Use [ ], [ ], [ ], and [ ] to select the language you want. Press [ ] PLAY. Use [ ] and [ ] to scroll through the images. The following table defines the terminology used in this manual. This term as used in this Means this: File memory can be any one of the following three locations. Strap ring [SET] button [ ][ ][ ][ ] They do not exactly match the screen contents actually produced on the camera.

You can also use the exposure panel to adjust exposure settings. Loading the Rechargeable Battery Slide the battery cover in the direction indicated by the arrow, and then swing it open. While pulling the stopper in the direction indicated by the arrow in the illustration, align the arrow mark on the battery with the arrow mark on the camera and slide the battery into Use of any other type of battery is not supported. The battery is not fully charged when you use the camera for the first time after purchasing it.

Note, however, that the shape of the AC power cord plug varies according to country or geographic area. I Battery Life Guidelines The battery life guideline values given below indicate the The indicator means that remaining battery power is low.

Note that you will not be able to record images while the battery indicator is. Be sure to read the following Safety Precautions before using the battery for the first time. Prolonged contact with battery fluid can cause skin irritation. Doing so creates the risk of fire and electric shock.

A damaged AC adaptor cord creates the risk of fire or electric shock. Water creates the risk of fire and electric shock. The lens retracts about 10 seconds after switching modes. Automatically turns off the monitor screen if no operation is performed for a specified amount of time in a REC mode. Performing any button operation causes the monitor screen to turn back on.


Casio EX-Z750 Digital Camera User Manual

Move between tabs Move from the tab to the settings Move from the settings to the tab Move between the settings Display the options Use [ ] and [ ] to select the feature whose setting you want to configure, and then press [ ]. Use [ ], [ ], [ ], and [ ] to select the language you want, and then press [SET]. December 24, To manuual the date like this: Before recording an image, use the mode dial to select the recording mode that suits the type of image you are trying to record.

Green focus frame The image is in focus. Green operation lamp Red focus frame The image is not in focus. This helps to ensure that you are able manhal capture exactly the moment you want. The optical viewfinder also comes in handy when shooting in areas where the monitor screen is difficult to view because exiljm lighting is dim, etc. Normally, the camera automatically switches over to digital zoom after you reach the cwsio limit for optical zoom.

You can, however, configure the camera csaio disable digital zoom, if you want. The range of digital zoom is 3X to 24X in combination with optical zoom. Wide Angle Optical Zoom: Auto Telephoto Optical Zoom: The initial flashes are pre-flashes, which the camera uses to obtain information that it uses for exposure settings. The final flash is for recording. When this happens, you can use flash assist to correct the brightness of the recorded subject, so it appears as if the flash illumination was sufficient.

Covering the flash with your finger can greatly reduce its effectiveness.

Casio Exilim EX-Z750 User Manual

A Triple Self-timer feature lets you perform three consecutive self-timer operations to record three images. The camera performs a second countdown and then records the first image. The camera prepares to record the next image. The automatic csaio operation starts when you press the shutter button down half way. The following is the Auto Focus range. Note that the configuration of the focus ex-a750 changes in accordance with the Auto Focus area you select.

The following shows the approximate focus range in the Macro mode. Use this mode when recording scenery and other faraway images. Focus in on the subject Press [ ]. Focus out on the subject Press [ ].

You can use focus lock in the Auto Focus mode and the Macro mode Using the monitor screen, compose the This feature helps to achieve better results when recording a backlit subject, a strongly lit subject indoors, or a subject that is against a dark background.

Press the shutter button to record the image. When shooting under these conditions: Normal conditions Outdoor daylight on a clear day Outdoor daylight on an overcast or rainy day, in the shade of a tree, etc. In the shade of a building or any other area where the color temperature is high Manual white balance lets you configure the camera for a particular light source and other conditions.


Aperture values are different at other optical zoom settings.

Digital Cameras – Casio Exilim EX-Z Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

If this happens, use the M mode manual exposure to adjust the aperture or shutter speed manually. Depends on image size and image quality settings.

Then when you press the shutter button, the camera records the monitor screen image and the area enclosed in the selection boundary, digitally zoomed to twice its normal size. Also, you cannot use the zoom continuous shutter mode or multi continuous shutter mode in combination with ex-x750 Triple Self-timer page Use [ ] and [ ] to select the sample scene you want, and then press [SET]. Use [ ], [ ], [ ], and [ ] to select the sample scene you want, and then press [SET].

Now you can use the procedure on page 94 to select your user setup for recording. Use [ ] and [ ] to display the user setup you want to delete. Press [ ] to delete the user setup. The camera will not be able to detect the shape of the subject correctly unless it manyal enclosed entirely within the monitor screen.

Movie length is manuxl only by the casko of memory available for storage. You can select a resolution setting to suit your needs, and a variety of caslo movie modes provide plenty of movie making versatility.

Image quality is expressed as image size in pixels. More pixels a larger image size provide finer detail and higher image quality when exiilim movie is played back.

A Short Movie Mode movie consists basically of two parts, as shown in the illustration below. Pressing the shutter button starts recording from five seconds prior to the point the button is pressed. Use this mode when you want to make sure you do not miss fast-moving action. Note the following points when recording a movie. They are provided as samples only. Then scroll further to see the user setup scenes.

Remaining recording time Press the shutter button to start voice recording. This histogram can be used to determine whether there is too much or too little of each of the color components in an image.

You may not be able to achieve exactly the same shapes for particular subjects. The recorded image may be over-exposed or exulim, even though its histogram is centered. See the referenced pages for more information. Use [ ] and [ ] to select the item you want to change, and then press [ ]. Use [ ] and [ ] to select the setting you want, and then press [SET].