Comyns Beaumont’s 4th catastrophist book links British Atlanteans to mysteries of history. A BC comet strikes during war between the gods and giants. William Comyns Beaumont, also known as Comyns Beaumont, (–) was a British Comyns Beaumont started his radical revision of history with the belief , innocuous New Editions of The Riddle of the Earth; The Mysterious Comet; The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain, Britain: The Key to World History and now also. William Comyns Beaumont () was a British journalist and author. He published an extraordinary book, Britain – The Key to World History, in which.

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Waddell Rape of Tara. The Irish Origins of Civilization. Catastrophists in Collision Beaumont wworld. Velikovsky by Robert C. Inafter labouring for eight successful years to promote recognition of Dr. I was puzzled that his name had not come to light during my many talks with Dr. Nor did it appear while I was president of Cosmos and Chronos: Uistory Groups for Interdisciplinary Science, a Velikovskian campus-oriented effort. Its title was the attraction, but its contents proved to be even more magnetic.

The book is written in the form of theses over of themsummarizing his thoughts on cometary catastrophe. Written init read like the s bombshell Worlds teh Collision. The Church then carried on a conspiracy to protect the deception in order to guarantee its dictatorial rule over the Empire, and built a new city of Jerusalem in the Mediterranean. The Role of Saturn Another shocker for me was the role Beaumont assigned to the planet Saturn, as the key to world history. Thoroughly intrigued, I searched for the true and the false in his basic ideas.

According to Beaumont, beauomnt large comet threatened Earth in the 14th century BC. Its debris meteorites caused a cosmic catastrophe that devastated early civilization, then centred in the Atlantis of antiquity — the British Isles.

William Comyns Beaumont

Beaumont was an improbable heretic. Ambassador to Germany, John G. Leishman, he traveled to many countries, acquainted himself with their customs and histories. He was confident and brother-in-law to the British playwright and theatrical producer Gerald Du Maurier. Beaumont was the first to recognize and publish the fiction of his talented niece, Daphne Du Maurier.


A consummate establishment insider, Beaumont passionately pursued a parallel maverick career, developing ideas that challenged orthodoxy without relying on any of the divine intervention that is the backbone of contemporary Creationism and Biblical catastrophism.

His ideas challenge accepted views of ancient history, its chronology, and its geography. Its social life civilization arose with the Celts in the north, especially in the British Isles and Scandinavia — the Atlantis of myth. Although there was no actual sinking of Atlantis — Britain, some of its western areas were permanently submerged and the island was ravaged by electromagnetic waves of cosmic energy, exploding volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricane storms, and tidal waves.

As a result of the catastrophe, the temperature dropped.

Britain The Key To World History

Beaumont identifies the main agent of this historical event as the planet Saturn Zeus-Chronos becoming a comet, in myth, the serpent of the sky, and Phaeton, the terror of the skies. He used his own name in on his second book, the keystone teh his catastrophist theories.

Neither were tl successes. Beaumont completed the third volume before his death in In the years I was closely associated with V roughlyhe never mentioned Beaumont or gave him so much as a credit in a footnote in any of his books.

The similarities between Beaumont and Velikovsky are too strong to be coincidental. Velikovsky Knew of Beaumont There are, however, a number of cases of parallel development of ideas on record. Perhaps the most famous is that involving Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace, who both independently developed the main features of what has become known as the Theory of Evolution in the nineteenth century. The disclosure came with the publication of Cosmic Heretics by Alfred deGrazia in In his book, deGrazia wrote: DeGrazia tries to ameliorate the situation with a tenuous explanation: During the s, V met with the Beaumont books at Columbia University Library where he spend thousands of hours in research on his own books.

By this time Worlds in Collision had been written. Everyone who knew V, deGrazia included, has attested that V had a remarkable memory. And V was well known as the last-minute tinkered with his manuscripts.

Plagiarism and Predecessors I am not claiming there is actual plagiarism involved, other than influence and interplay of ideas. Advocates of cometary catastrophe in historic times all owe a dept to earlier pioneers such Ignatius Donnelly and William Whiston.

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Let us also admit that, like many from academia, V had an elitist mindset, hindering beaumonh from appreciating the work of the amateur. Enough here, at least, to withhold credit and precedence.

Comyns Beaumont – The Irish Origins of Civilization

This much is certain. This is not the similarities but the many dissimilarities between the writers. Why call attention to a contemporary until his death in who not only precedes you in areas of agreement but disagrees with you on many other points? But that is speculation. What is clear is that forty years after his death, Beaumont deserves a wider audience in an era when fresh evidence for catastrophism is steadily accumulating.

The amateur can contribute significantly to that pursuit. One of Comyns Beaumont’s extraordinary masterpieces revealing a thesis that few if any academic historians will want to endorse and broadcast. According to Beaumont, the vast majority of the characters and events presented in the Old and Kry Testaments did histoyr geographically live or occur where most scholars and laymen believe.

It was only through deliberate chicanery, orchestrated by powerful potentates such as Constantine the Great, and others, that this fiction has been universally propounded and accepted.

Comyns Beaumont | The Velikovsky Encyclopedia

When it comes to facts beumont the established paradigm, we find little to convince us. What elements of civilization are to be found east of Vienna got there due to the presence of the illustrious Hyperboreans or Arya the original Ibaru or Hebrews. It is their lore th traditions that were cannibalized, corrupted, repackaged and resold in the form of Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Masonry, Hermeticism, etc. The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain Beaumont: Key to World History Beaumont: The Mysterious Comet Velikovsky: Worlds in Collision Velikovsky: Earth in Upheaval Velikovsky: Ages in Chaos Velikovsky: Oedipus and Akhenaton Velikovsky: Mankind in Amnesia 1 Velikovsky: Mankind in Amnesia 2 Velikovsky: Immanuel Velikovsky 1 Carl Sagan vs.