Condair CP3 Mini with Fan. CP3-PR Series with inbuilt fan for direct room applications, kg/hr. The ventilation FAN unit is used for direct room air. The CP3 is an electrode steam humidifier which represents the latest generation of proven electrode steam humidifiers. Using normal drinking. United Humidifiers – Offering Condair Cp3 Electrode Boiler Steam Humidifier in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Read about CAR HUMIDIFIER. Mini Humidifiers.

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To ensure a safe, proper, and economical operation of the steam humidifier Condair CP3mini, please observe and comply with all information and safety instructions contained in the present manual as well as the instructions given in the manuals for the components used in the humidification system.

If you have questions, which are not or insufficiently answered in this documentation, please contact your Condair supplier. They will be glad to assist you. Further information on accessories can be obtained in the respective instructions. These mounting instructions is restricted to the installation of the steam humidifier Condair CP3mini and is meant for well trained personnel being sufficiently qualified for their respective work.

The mounting instructions are supplemented by various separate items of documentation operating instructions, spare parts list, manuals for accessories, etc. Where necessary, appropriate crossreferences are made to these publications in the mounting instructions.

Safekeeping Please safeguard these mounting instructions in a safe place, where it can be immediately accessed. If the equipment changes hands, the documentation should be passed on to the new operator. If the documentation gets mislaid, please contact your Condair supplier. Language versions These mounting instructions is available in various languages. Please contact your Condair supplier for information. Copyright protection The present mounting instructions are protected under the Copyright Act.

Passing-on and reproduction of the manual or part thereof as well as exploitation and communication of the contents are prohibited without written permission by the manufacturer. Violation of copyright terms is subject to legal prosecution and arises liability for indemnification.

The manufacturer reserves the right to fully exploit commercial patent rights. Knowing and understanding the contents of the mounting instructions is a basic requirement for protecting the personnel against any kind of danger, to prevent faulty installation, and to install and operate the unit safely and correctly. All ideograms, signs and markings applied to the unit must be observed and kept in readable state. Qualification of personnel All actions described in the present mounting instructions must be carried out only by well trained and sufficiently qualified personnel authorised by the owner.

For safety and warranty reasons any action beyond the scope of this manuals must be carried out only by qualified personnel authorised by the manufacturer. It is assumed that all persons working with the Condair CP3mini are familiar and comply with the appropriate regulations on work safety and the prevention of accidents.

Intended use The steam humidifier Condair CP3mini is intended exclusively for air humidification via a steam distributor approved by the manufacturer unit versions Condair CP3mini PD. Any other type of application without the express written consent of the manufacturer is considered as not conforming with the intended purpose and may lead to the Condair CP3mini becoming dangerous.

Operation of the equipment in the intended manner requires that all the information in these instructions is observed in particular the safety instructions. Danger that may arise from the unit: The Condair CP3mini is mains powered. One may get in touch with live parts when the unit is open. Touching live parts may cause severe injury or danger to life. The steam humidifier must be connected to the mains only after all mounting and installation work has been completed and the cover has been relocated properly.


Prohibited modifications to the unit No modifications must be undertaken on the Condair CP3mini without the express written consent of the manufacturer. For the replacement of defective components use exclusively original accessories and spare parts available from your Condair supplier.

Condair CP3: Electrode steam humidifier

Steam generation Any time steam is requested, the electrodes are supplied with voltage. Simultaneously, the inlet valve opens and water enters the steam cylinder from the bottom via water cup and supply line. As soon as the electrodes come in contact with the water, current begins to flow between the electrodes, eventually heating and evaporating the water.

The more the electrode surface is exposed to water, the higher is the current consumption and thus the steam capacity. Upon reaching the requested steam capacity, the inlet valve closes. If the steam generation decreases below a certain percentage of the required capacity, due to lowering of mkni water level e.

If conxair required steam capacity is lower than the actual output, the inlet valve is closed until the desired capacity is achieved by lowering of the water level evaporation process. Level monitoring A sensor provided in the steam cylinder cover detects when the water level gets too high. The moment the sensor comes in contact with water, the inlet valve closes. Rm mm DS22 12 m 0m 1 KS10 m m min. Keep a minimum distance clearance A of mm between nozzle opening and the opposite duct wall.

The steam distribution pipes are selected on the basis of the duct width for horizontal installation or the duct height for vertical installation and the capacity of condakr steam humidifier. Steam distribution pipes Type CrNi steel special length on request in mm 16 3. Always place the unit on its back side. Packaging Keep the original packaging of the Condair Condari for later use. In case you wish to dispose of the packaging, observe the local regulations on waste disposal.

Never dispose of the packaging to the environment. Selecting the unit version from the table in chapter 4.

Calculating the required maximum steam capacity according chapter 4. The calculated steam capacity based on the above formulas, the h,x diagram and the condition of the air to be humidified does not consider any steam loss e. In addition, the calculated steam capacity does not consider any losses caused moni the draining rate depending on the water quality as well as any losses occur if the steam humidifier is operated on a mains circuit with convair ground fault circuit interrupter.

The total amount of losses depends on the entire system and must be taken into consideration when calculating the required steam capacity. If you have any questions regarding the calculation of the steam capacity please contact your Condair supplier. Room humidity control System 1 condai suited for direct room humidification and air conditioning systems with mainly recirculated air. The humidity sensor or humidistat respectively is condajr located in the room itself or in the exhaust air duct.

PI controller input signal from A1 20 — System 2: Room humidity control with continuous limitation of the supply air humidity System 2 is suited for air conditioning systems with a large portion of supply air, low supply air temperature, post-humidification, or variable airflow volume.

The humidity sensor A1 is preferably located in the exhaust air duct or in the room itself. The humidity sensor A2 for the xp3 of the supply air humidity is located in the supply air duct after the steam distribution pipe.


This control system requires a continuous controller with the option to connect a second humidity sensor. PI controller Y input signal from A1 Z input signal from A2 Please contact your Condair supplier, if your application meets the following conditions: General note Strictly observe and cndair with all information given in the present mounting instructions regarding the location of the unit and the installation of water, steam and electricity.

Observe and comply with all local regulations dealing with water, steam and electrical installations. Safety Convair installation work requires removal of the unit cover. Please note the following: Danger of electrical shock! You may get in touch with live parts when the unit is open.

The electronic components inside the humidifier are very sensitive to electrostatic discharge. When condaor unit is open for installation work, appropriate measures must be taken to protect these components against damage caused by electrostatic discharge ESD protection. In order to achieve a uniform distribution of the humidity within the room, additional factors such as the room size, ckndair room height, etc. If you have questions concerning the direct room humidification, please contact your Condair supplier.

The minimum distances shown in the preceding figure must be maintained. Therefore, locate the steam humidifiers type Xp3. Make sure that the construction wall, pillar, floor-mounted console, etc. Do not mount the steam humidifier directly to the ventilation duct insufficient stability.

Condair CP3 Mini technical manual en rt |

Make sure, therefore, that the construction wall, pillar, etc. Make sure the nini are installed in a dripproof location and the admissible ambient conditions are complied with.

If for some reason the Condair CP3mini must be installed in a location without floor drain, it is mandatory to provide a leakage monitoring device to safely interrupt the water supply in case of leakage. If fixing with the materials supplied is not possible in your particular case, select a method coondair fixing that is of similar stability.

Before tightening the screws, adjust the wall support vertically and horizontally with the spirit level. Hang the unit up onto the wall support.

Condair CP3 Mini low capacity steam humidifier | Steam Humidifiers

Loosen the fixing screw of the front cover on the bottom side of the unit a few turns, then remove the front cover. Remove all transportation locks steam clinder, drain pump, water cup inside the unit. Undo the steam cylinder: Remove the plugs from the electrodes and from the level sensor. Carefully lift steam cylinder out of the cylinder receptacle, then remove it to the front. Undo the two screws of the intermediate panel. Then, carefully remove the intermediate panel to the front, swivel it to the left and hang it onto the pins of the back panel.

Before tightening the screws, readjust the unit vertically with the spirit level. Assemble the unit in the reverse sequence. Is the unit installed in the correct place see chapter 5.

Is the supporting surface stable enough?

Is the unit correctly aligned, vertically and horizontally? Is the unit properly secured see chapter 5. Are all transportation locks inside the unit removed? Is the unit reassembled correctly and the front panel fixed with the screw? Rm mm Pmax.