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Nagano Japan Radio Co. Zhone Technologies X-traWeb Inc. Filetyoe Maipu Electric Industrial Co. Microlink Corporation Nextcomm, Inc. Coach Master International d. Precision Electronic Manufacturing Wayport, Inc.

Geocast Network Systems, Inc. Japan Total Design Communication Co. Alpha Data Parallel Systems, Ltd. Litton Marine Systems B. Mark of the Unicorn, Inc.


Data Direct Networks, Inc. Gefran Spa Native Networks, Inc.

Data General Communication Ltd. Aviv Infocom Co, Ltd. Mannesman Dematic Colby Pty. Carrier Corporation Televideo, Inc. Harris Government Communications Nadatel Co. Coriolis Networks Tommy Technologies Corp. Rapid 5 Networks, Inc. Access Limited Lectron Co. Watanabe Electric Industry Co. Bencent Tzeng Industry Co. Innovative Electronic Designs, Inc. Net Vision Telecom Arelnet Ltd. Comdial Corporation Vivotek, Inc. Net Com Systems, Inc.

Gould Instrument Systems, Inc. Digital China Shanghai Networks Ltd. Iwasaki Information Systems Co. UniData Communication Systems, Inc. Scope Information Management, Ltd. Global Sun Technology, Inc. Oak Technology Eurologic Systems, Ltd.

Floware Wireless Systems, Ltd. Pos Data Company, Ltd. Filetpye Networks Mitac, Inc. Metropolitan Area Networks, Inc. Ingenico International A-One Co. Plantronics America Online, Inc. Advanced Digital Broadcast, Ltd. Paragea Communications Xsense Technology Corp. Netility Centerpoint Broadband Technologies, Inc. Packet Dynamics Ltd Solphone K.

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Nippon Systems Covaaro Co. Takaya Corporation Crossbeam Systems, Inc. Internet Energy Systems, Inc. Mega System Technologies, Inc. Seneca Networks Dazzle Multimedia, Inc.

Corega of America Shikoku Instrumentation Co. Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. Ocular Networks Gordon Kapes, Inc. International Communications Products, Inc.

Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc. Powin Information Technology, Inc. Rosco Entertainment Technology, Filstype. Half Dome Systems, Inc. Navini Networks Palm Wireless, Inc.


Star Technology Corporation Radius Co. KG Foundry Networks, Inc. Econolite Control Products, Inc. Tone Commander Systems, Inc. Ohm Tech Labs, Inc.

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Optical Access Technovision, Inc. Ipanema Technologies Wirelink Co. Freescale Semiconductor Verity Instruments, Inc. Hitachi Communication Systems, Inc. Infiniswitch Corporation Paxonet Communications, Inc. Lincoln Electric Company Polestar Corp. Amphus Omega Band, Inc. Stratus Computer DEInc.

Japan Control Engineering Co. Pelago Networks Acronet Co. Infinite Shanghai Communication Terminals Ltd.

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