The Crown MA is a high quality commercial grade mixer/amplifier. It features 8 inputs that each include a volume control, as well as a dual 80 watt amplifier. The MA mixer/amplifier from Crown Audio offers terrific sound quality and reliability, ideal for paging and background music in offices, schools, hospitals. Purchase the Crown MA 2 Zone Commercial Mixer Amplifier today and save with free shipping on most orders over one hundred dollars.

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The MA has 8 inputs and dual 80W power amplifiers for two-zone systems.

Frequency Reponse at 1 watt from 4-ohm tap: Frequency Response at line out: Power Bandwidth at 4-ohm tap, 2 dB below maximum 1 kHz power: Input Sensitivity for full output at maximum gain: Line Output Level nominal: AC Line Voltages Available: Front Panel Controls and Indicators: Push button on-off switch. The power switch does not affect the 24V DC auxiliary power input.


Detented potentiometers with 280mx.

Bass and Treble non-detented recessed potentiometers on each input channel. Blue LED indicates power on. Input Signal Presence Indicator: Green LED, one for each input channel, illuminates when input signal exceeds —24 dBu line or —70 dBu mic. Output Signal Presence Indicator: Green LED, one for each output channel, illuminates when output signal level crowb mV 45 dB below full power from the 4-ohm tap.

Crown Audio MA 8-Input, 2 x 80W Mixer/Amplifier: : Musical Instruments

Red LED, one per output channel. Illuminates at threshold of audible distortion. One per output channel. Detented potentiometer with knob.

Crown 280MA

Back Panel Controls and Connectors: Brza isporuka na teritoriji Srbije. Music Media Centar Dodatna pitanja info telefoni: Resets the circuit breaker that protects the power supply.

Accepts up to 14 AWG terminal forks. A DIP switch with two functions: Assigns an input as the priority input for each output, thereby temporarily muting the remaining inputs.

JBL CSMA Replacement for Crown Audio MA | B&H Photo Video

Muting is activated by contact closure. Global enable switch for phantom power.


Does not affect RCA inputs. Default position is crrown. DIP switches that assign each input signal to each output. Two switches per input. One 3-pin balanced Phoenix type connector per output channel. Level controlled by master volume control. All tones are activated by contact closures on the connector. Internal jumpers can disable tones in an amplifier channel excluding Pre-Announce Chime.

One potentiometer per output channel sets the volume of the tones. Potentiometer sets the Pre- Announce Chime level. For stereo music signals, unbalanced, summed together, two connectors per input 2800ma. Used to link an additional mixer to the mixer amplifierCan be used to connect an external processor. Selects mic-level or line-level signals. One switch for each balanced input.

Crown 280MA Mixer & Amplifier

Slide switch, one per channel. EIA Standard inch Komentari o proizvodu NOVO! Music Media Centar doo,