Abstract. VERGARA GARAY, Oscar et al. GROWTH CURVE DETERMINATION FOR CREOLE HAIR SHEEP USING THE GOMPERTZ MODEL IN THE LOW. Estimación de curvas de crecimiento de codorniz japonesa utilizando el modelo Gompertz. Raji, A.O.1; Alade, N.K.1 and Duwa, H 1Department of Animal. El modelo Gompertz en el crecimiento de los cerdos .. La curva de Gompertz permite generar asimetría alrededor del punto de inflexión y alcanza este punto.

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S Afr J Anim Sci Views Read Edit View history. Energy conservation gompeertz be used to model such growth, irrespective of differing masses and development times. Moreover, the function makes use of initial growth rate, which is commonly seen in populations of bacterial and cancer cells, which undergo the log phase and grow rapidly in numbers.

The Gompertz model was fitted to the quail growth data using Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least-squares algorithm in Statistix 9. Proceedings of 6 th Asian Pacific Poultry Congress.

Gompertz function

Weight and age at cudva inflection point POI were calculated as: The area falls within the Sahelian region of West Africa, which is noted for great climatic and seasonal variations.

Brody suggested that the asymptotic or mature weight, rate of attainment of mature weight and the standardized age at which an animal attained the inflection point of the curve are parameters that could be manipulated by geneticists.

Growth characteristics of pearl gray guinea fowl as predicted by the Richards, Gompertz, and Logistic Models. Retrieved from ” https: Comparison of growth curves of weight selected populations of turkeys, quail and chickens. This also agrees with the reports of Brown et al.


The application of exponential method in dd analysis of growth curve for Japanese quail. Analysis of growth curves in fowl. In addition to its lean meat, the egg is lower in cholesterol as compared to chicken Musa et al. The growth of most galliforms including poultry conforms closely to the shape of the Gompertz.

It was however higher for males in chicken Aggrey, Arch Geflugelkd This equation is known as a Gompertz function. The differentiation between energy used at rest and metabolic rate work allows for the model to more precisely determine gompedtz rate of growth.

Effect of long-term divergent selection on growth characteristics in Japanese quail.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thus, this might be an evidence that the Gompertz equation is not good to model the growth of small tumors. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The metabolic curve takes in to consideration the energy the body provides in maintaining and cyrva tissue. This agrees with the reports of Akbas and Oguz and Balcioglu et al. They observed that male and female Japanese quails do not have identical growth patterns as is evident in figure 1.

Age, weight and maximum cueva at point of inflection for male and female Japanese quails were 2. It is easy to verify that the dynamics of X t is governed by the Gompertz differential equation:. The metabolic function is particularly concerned with accounting for the glmpertz of metabolism within an organism.

However, Narinc et al.

Thus, there seems to be an antagonistic relationship between asymptotic bompertz and growth rate since females with higher asymptotic weight had lower growth rate and were late maturing while the reverse was observed with males.


Characterization of growth and development of male British United turkeys. The three parameters of the Gompertz growth model are defined as asymptotic weight Aintegration constant B and rate of maturity k Akbas and Oguz, Heritability estimates of growth curve parameters and genetic correlations between the growth curve parameters and weights at different age of Japanese quail.

Ello explica las diferencias entre codornices japonesas machos y hembras en Nigeria. Despite its popularity, the function initial rate of tumor growth is difficult to predetermine given the varying microcosms present re a patient, or varying environmental factors in the case of population biology.

All taxon s a group of one or more populations of an organism share a similar growth pattern and yompertz model, as a result, considers cellular division, the foundation of the development of a tumor. In addition, Mendes observed that the Gompertz model had better fit curv weight-age, shank width-age, shank length-age, body length-age data than other models.

Sin embargo, los modelos de crecimiento de las codornices machos y hembras, no son iguales. Poultry Sci J Agric ReHigher asymptotic weight in females has also been reported in the pearl gray guinea fowl Nahashon etal.

Gompertz function – Wikipedia

In the s A. Estimates of maturity at 4 and 6 months were Creoles; grazing; maturity; tropics. The use of these two factors, alongside the energy required to create new tissue, comprehensively map the rate of growth, and moreover, lead in to an accurate representation of the lag phase.