All AppleWorks (& ClarisWorks) files will have extension. You cannot tell the type of file from the extension. The iWork applications. Convert CWK Format in Windows. 1. Open Microsoft Word. Click the “File” tab. Select “Options” from the menu and then choose “Advanced” from the left pane. 2 . file is an extension applied to Apple Works files. It applies to spreadsheet , presentation or word-processing files created with Apple Works. With the.

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The file extension CWK stands for ClarisWorks, a widely-usedword processing program and productivity suite for Mac and Windows in the mids.

ClarisWorks was later renamed AppleWorks, and then replaced by iWork. You may find a CWK file if you’re looking through files saved from an older computer. Since Apple no longer supports ClarisWorks or AppleWorks, without using a few tricks you may have trouble opening CWK files, unless you still have the program installed.


Although Apple no longer sells or supports the program, you can find old copies through online retailers.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the program. Right-click the CWK file. Click “Open with,” and then “Choose default program.

Open Microsoft Word Click “File,” and then click “Options. Click the Microsoft Office button, and then click “Open. Word will attempt to recover the text from the CWK file, with luck allowing you to read the file.

How to convert MAC .cwk file to Windows .doc

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How to Open an Apple Works Document in Word |

Microsoft Word 1 Open Microsoft Word However, you can only open spreadsheet, presentation and word processing files, not database files. Video of the Day. Brought to you by Techwalla. About the Author Mara Shannon is a writer whose work appears on various websites.