Eurosource Plus (Cyberpunk RPG) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Eurosource Plus is the guide to style-conscious Cyberpunk Europe. Everything The Cyberpunk Player Wants to Know About the Europe of the Future By Mark The terms Netrunner, Chromebook, Night City and Eurosource are. Return to Europe. Eurosource Plus is the guide to style-concious Cyberpunk Europe, Drawing on the depth of coverage introduced in our famous .

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This is a list of Cyberpunk books. Atlas Games, a game publisher better known for their award-winning fantasy RPG Ars Magicareleased several licensed adventures for Cyberpunk in the early s.

The Canadian company Ianus Games, currently known as Dream Pod 9released several third-party supplements and adventure modules. Noteworthy among them was the sourcebook Night’s Edge that took the basic Cyberpunk setting and blended in horror elements such as werewolves and vampires.

Several Ianus Games adventures explored these themes further. An Italian company that takes care of translation and distribution. They also independently produced a third-party setting sourcebook in the early ’90s. List of Cyberpunk books This is a list of Cyberpunk books. Talsorian Games The core books for the game were published by R.

Cyberpunk version 2.

The Gaming Den :: View topic – [OSSR]Eurosource

Details companies, NPCs and scenarios. Includes vehicle construction rules. Has Netrunner CCG to Cyberpunk conversion rules to incorporate the cards into a gamemaster’s campaign.

Rough Guide to the UK: Includes information about Organized Crime in Cyberpunk Adventures Eurotour[CP] Firestorm: Contains campaign book, map of America, 25mm-scale cardstock vehicle sheets, and various props and eurosoudce.

Misc Data Screen 2.

Atlas Games Atlas Games, a game publisher better known for their award-winning fantasy RPG Ars Magicareleased several licensed adventures for Cyberpunk in the early s. The Arasaka Brainwormby Thomas M. Kane, [] – Cyebrpunk unnamed patron hires a discreet fixer to hire the characters for a sensitive job in which they must acquire something to be detailed later.

R. Talsorian Cyberpunk Eurosource Plus SC MINT

The Bonin Horseby Eric Heisserer [] – Arasaka hires the characters to retrieve “Project 9” from a sunken submarine. Cabin Feverby Eric Heisserer [] – The characters are trapped on a freighter during a toxic spill. Chasing the Dragonby Michael Sechi [] – A very important briefcase has been stolen from the vyberpunk people and the characters are blamed. They have to go deep into the Combat Zone to get it back from the real thief – The Dragon – before he makes his escape or the case’s irate owners catch up with them.


The Chrome Beretsby Thomas Kane [] – The euroaource are military advisors for the government fighting in a three-way war in the Malagasy Islands fictional island, former part of the Philippines between a bloc of corporations, a dictatorship, and left wing revolutionaries that also include right wing nationalists, Chinese workforce refugees and illigal immigrants.

Includes mass combat rules for CP Greenwarby Thomas Kane [] – The characters are involved in a hostile takeover bid. They must acquire a company without damaging it cyberupnk lowering its stock value. Northwest Passageby Andrew J. Lucas and Jeff Ranger [] – The characters are mercenaries involved in a data-theft heist from a floating rig platform off the Alaskan coast.

The Osiris Chipby Thomas Kane [] – The characters are invited by a local gang to help them hijack a Humanatech cargo shipment, something called “Project Osiris”. Thicker than Bloodby Alison Brooks [] – Scenario set at a Corporate-sponsored private school for talented and gifted children.

A woman from the Sprawl wants the characters to find and return her kidnapped son.

Russian port (Cyberpunk Sourcebook, Eurosource Plus).png

Ianus Games The Canadian company Ianus Games, currently known as Dream Pod 9released several third-party supplements and adventure modules. Cyberpunk Books King of the Concrete Jungleby Hans Guevin eurosoyrce – The power elite of Neo-Montreal hold a yearly contest to see who can acquire the most impressive “thing”; the losers each owe the winner a favor.

The characters get dragged into this year’s contest. Contains the first four scenarios. Contains the last six scenarios. He enlists the characters in a plot to get even with his bosses, who tried to kill him. However, they find that Julius Romero isn’t missing and someone is killing his rivals.


Who is the patron and what is really going on? The characters are medias who got a copy of a video that can link Arasaka to a brutal massacre. The characters are all four Includes Neo-Voodoo rules and details organlegging in Night’s Edge. Includes new drug design and equipment malfunction rules. Home FrontStephane Brochu [ICP] – A brutal home invasion leaves the father dead, the mother in shock, and the teenaged son missing – perhaps kidnapped.

Later a string of murders occurs in the same neighborhood, all of them men with families. The characters need to investigate and stop the killings. Includes templates for Vampires, Werewolves, and Vampire Hunters; Psychic rules; and stats for new gear and weapons. But what about your nightmares.? The characters are hired to find a missing person. Includes rules for YoGangs juvenile sub-cultures and the CyberEvolved mutants genetically altered by an engineered plague.

Adventure Bastille Dayby [RTG] – The characters are given a mission to break into a Bureau of Relocation concentration camp and break hackerette Spider Murphy out of a “re-education” center. Includes rules for integrating Edgerunners into a CyberGeneration campaign. Includes a new YoGang Buskers. Only available in PDF file format. Includes stats for important NPCs and new weapons, gear, and vehicles. Includes Cybernetics design rules and stats for new weapons, vehicles, gear, and enhanced cybernetics NuCybe.

Deepwater Unpublished – Reef AltCult sourcebook.

RPG Games РSci-fi roolipelit РCyberpunk / 3. laitos -tuoteryhmä РHalfmoon Games

Interface Magazine Prometheus Press Volume 1, 1: New cybernetic implants, new gear, new medicine. New law enforcement armor, weapons, and gear. Design and augmentation rules for Robohounds mechatronic K9 units. New cybernetic hand and leg implants; new gear.

New cybernetics; New Cyberdeck programs. Skinmask pollution filter, Vend-a-Mod chip vending machine. Random driving encounters in Cyberpunk Thomas ; AkiraTrancers. Nomad characters; types of Nomad Packs. Trancers 2Class ofMoon 44Bladerunner: Volume 2, 1 Volume 2, 2 Grenadier made sets cyverpunk 25mm lead miniatures for Cyberpunk.