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To have a better understanding of the file, decompile it once again on https: I don’t know if ddelta code will help. Interresting variable is v4 that can take a value from 1 to 30 and seem’s to impact several other variables. I’m actually try to add starbxo other functionnalities: This should help to validate some assumptions and learn a bit more on X2D protocol.

If some of you have a RFBee or a similar device, you can associate your heaters with my values. It should work as is without changing a single starrbox in my source code.

I know that Deltia receivers can be associated with at least 2 areas, but I don’t know if it can be associated with 2 areas from 2 differents houses Deltia emitter house Id. Here is my latest excel working file: You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

A very interesting thread indeed! I understand that RFBee alone can;t do that? Also my understanding is that “any” linux will do giving above mentioned devices are supported of course and arduino itself as such is just an option to have a tiny hardware “package” connected to home automation?

You only can command Deltia 1. If you have such receivers then it sore work. Without the stick, you will have to associates your heaters with my settings and your De,ta will not be able to control Heaters unless Deltia dflta accept to be associated with 2 “houses”until they are associated to Tydom again.

RFBee should be able to catch messages, but I didn’t managed to make it works in receiving mode to get valid data, but as I can send messages, I should try again to g03 messages with RFBee. Python Script I done to manage heaters on a Week will probably work on Windows not tested, you will just have to add a scheduled task to start the script every 30 minutes or less SixK.

But don’t expect too much, it’s not clear about what can be done.

Maybe in this case, you need full message 74 bytes instead of 14 bytes? Maybe messages are different? And maybe it’s not a use case covered by the module?


You possibly have 2 ways to command Heaters with TyDom You can catch messages and send them with RFbee if you have such a remote – Simulate a X2D Alaram device but if you don’t have such a device, it will be hard to get messages. Maybe Poloalexis could help in this case? For others, dorre heaters are now driven since 2 days by my RFbee connected to Raspberry pi My Deltia emmitter is turned off in manual mode Python Planning script is working fine.

I’ll have to see if starbxo is an interest to program Heaters 15 stargox by 15 minutes or less. Next step, PHP script to drive heaters online I have a Deltia from Delta Dore that switches my boiler on and off, with the thermostat sending orders according to temperature.

Could you please confirm that you code allows for sending on and off signals to delfa switch i. My goal here being to replace the thermostat and have a raspberry decide when to switch the boiler on and off?

X2D decoding attempt – Page 4 – Domoticz

From the documentation, I understand that there is also a hors-gel non-freeze signal. Is there anything cheaper that I could use with the raspberry to send the signal? Only tested devices are Deltia 1. Messages sent by my code are: Missing message is “Test”.

I only use 14 first bytes from messages sent by Deltia 8. In any case, if not using RFbee, be sure to buy a RF Mhz version not a Mhz, even if such dorf version should also work, it will not be optimized for Mhz, so you may have problems I’ll have to see how to send “. So it is a Deltia 8. Other indications shown directly on the board: I’ve bought it in July So, my understanding is that would be able to use your code to send the various signals but that would require first to find some uniq id that is sent by my device.


I do have a DVB-T usb stick for that purpose. To obtain “readable” values, did you have to go through the hassle of using GNU Radio or is there an easier way? To give you more information about the overall goal: So, I have the thermostat device of course to “drive” the boiler. The only annoying thing is that this device must be located in the colder room to have the boiler on until the right temperature has been set.

Of course, the colder room in my house is not always the same our kitchen is pretty cold but not anymore when we start cooking. So, g03 idea was to put wireless temperature sensors in each room e. And then I would have the starboc on until all rooms have reached their set temperature for short, something smarter than what the actual Deltia does.


Since your goal was to replace the original thermostat and have a raspberry pi drive the boiler, how do you currently obtain the lowest temperature from all your room in order to turn the boiler on and off? Yours is for electric heaters. Then I understand why you had the various signals that correspond to a pilot wire signal fil pilote. Though, I’m sure that the protocol must be pretty much the same in terms of RF.

Did you observe the same? DVB-T stick will be used to catch messages that your Deltia 8. You may use my own message, but in this case you will have to associate your receiver with my values. In this case starvox Deltia 8. And I have not idea if my messages can control your Boiler since messages may not be the same. So best is to catch messages from Deltia 8. Once compiled, the following command line should work: At least when receiving data from my cheap Commercial Weather Station modules powered by 2×1,5v battery, I don’t catch anything after this distance.

Wifi modules are also a good solution, you can find some for about 5 Euro in china and dote will be able to plug an USB dongle directly on Raspberry Pi. Before buying anything, I would suggest you to first catch messages from your Deltia device and post them here.

Thermostats and electric heating control – Delta Dore

I Should be able to tell you if it’s something near delha what I have for my heaters or something totaly different. For a good Temperature regulation you will probably have starobx use a PID library: Does this look like yours? Note that encoding may be different between Deltia 8. Note that when DVB Stick is cold, you may try higher frequency like: See Delta dore documentation for this For better result, you must put your Deltia Emitter near your DVB stick less than 1 meter if you don’t have any antena, maybe about 1 meter and more if you have an antena SixK.

Hereafter the captured frames sorted by number of occurences number of occurence: