Thumbnail for Roberto Alcazar y Pedrin was selling ,00 copies a week. The series was originally called Roberto Alcázar, el intrépido aventurero español. fanzines y publicaciones pulp fiction dispuestos para su descarga libre y gratuita, muchos TEBEOS ANTIGUOS-ROBERTO ALCAZAR Y PEDRIN- RAFAEL. Roberto Alcázar y Pedrín, de Eduardo Vañó. ideas about Comic Book Covers. roberto alcazar y pedrin, anys Comic Book CoversComic BooksAdventure.

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Great pirate adventure with El Diablo de Los Mares. El Soplete del Hombre Infernal. Los Vampiros del Aire 02 – Al borde de la muerte Uploaded: Durga-Rani El Peneca Featuring, “The Terrible Invisible Power”.

Diego Valor was a hugely popular Space hero not only in comics but on radio. Classic Spanish SF adventure strip.

Series of unconnected sentimental, heart-tugging stories. There are some well illustrated text strips.

Coleccion Lirio 03 por chani 1. Uses a whip and a gun. Published by Exclusivas Ferma, Barcelona.

Complete 10 issue series of the masked Spanish hero, Capitan Sol. Published by Editorial Grafidea, Barcelona. En Busca de Aventuras As with many comics and characters from European countries, this hero appeared again in France in the mid ’70’s, re-named as Le Spectre, in a slightly larger pocket series, Fantastik.


Spanish Language Books

This Spanish series appeared originally in landscape format, published by Editorial Maga, Alcazzr. As additional appeal, the words to 3 popular songs are included, plus a photo of the artist on the back page. Diamante Negro – The single story is continued from issue to issue. Orlan is the youngest Viking warrior fighting against invading Romans.

Aquellos inolvidables tebeos

The man in the velvet domino mask fights villainy on the canals and through the alleys and palaces of city. Created in by Juan Bautista Puerto, this series of landscape comics, was published by Editorial Valenciana and ran for issues till Published by Editorial Garga, Valencia, Spain. Described as a formidable fighter and shooter who always acts for the law.

Portrait format Spanish comic published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona. Hispano Americana de Ediciones, Barcelona. This is the Spanish version of Blonde Panther Pantera Pedrun, in Italian In this version, the censors insisted on covering our heroine up a bit and added the skirt. Aventuras de Buffalo Bill 31 Momentos de angustia Uploaded: Beautiful ’40’s masked hero comic. Aventuras ilustradas 2 – El universo en guerra Uploaded: Classic series of Spanish landscape comics in the series, “Colleccion Grafica de Biblioteca de la Risa.


Published by H Maga, Valencia.

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Viriato y la Destruccion de Numancia – The masked, hooded, caped hero has a crystal disk which emits various rays, which can destroy objects and knock people out. Art by Jose Grau. El Guerrero del Antifaz – Guerra los tunecinos Uploaded: So we alcaar investigate further.