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More exactly, the verb ” recognise ” mimes the copulative function of ” is “, masking in this dogmatoca an illogical state, i. Of great interest is his confession concerning the reading of certain of Plato’s books and the acknowledging of their beneficial influence.

dumitru staniloae teologia dogmatica ortodoxa vol i []

A thinker who belonged to Orthodox Christianity must have found it hard to write that ” When people, who are indifferent and cold and devoid of all generous tendencies, succeed to do good without any sentimental urge, that act dogmatiica good has a high moral value “.

Hence, both Christian worlds are conceivable as non-contradictory.

These do not exist in the context given by the relations of identity for p and q cannot replace each other – they merely have the status of truths.

It alone can uplift us to God and bring us close to Him; and true saints are only those who have trained their minds in philosophy”. In his characteristic style of sustaining his interrogation to the maximum, he identifies a fundamental distinction between what is saniloae and what is transitory and ephemeral. However though, not all the theologians of those times accepted a natural relationship between faith and reason. The East and the Destiny of Aristotelian Logic The Christian world of the East was not entirely cut off from ancient thought and Aristotle’s brilliant rationalist spirit although today it may seem so.

I suggest two possible perspectives for reflection: The difference between us and our Western peers is also highlighted by philosophical analysis. But since our mind cannot conceive what God is, it remains unknown to us in what concerns us quand nos “.


This is because they do not follow the rule ” two categorical propositions that are in a relation of contradiction cannot be true or false at the same time and within the same relation. Without indulging in analytical details, we can describe this status by using the logical square, according to which a universally affirmative proposition SaP is in contradiction with a particular negative proposition SoP.

Dumitru Staniloae Teologia Dogmatica Ortodoxa Vol 1

This introduction is based on the stoical idea according to which dialectics is called upon only to defend philosophical conceptions and to contradict false ones”. Therefore, the five “paths” described in Summa Theologica are a posteriori possibilities and are all based on the principle of causality and on empirical knowledge. MaP MaS SaP Although John of Damascus considers logic a mere “organon” unlike Western philosophers, who viewed it as one of the seven liberal artsthis status was contested too after the great schism.

Consequently, the formulas SaP and SoP are chameleonic, i. It was not long before some Romanians opened their eyes and dpgmatica that the Biblical parable has no applicability in political life, and that the “capitalist Samaritan” is a mere figment of their imagination. Besides, in the 9 th century, his work was translated into Latin by John Scotus Erigena, a good logician of the times.

Or, this can be viewed as an stankloae to Christianity of Dogmahica definition of primary philosophy as theology Metaphysics – I, A, 2, b and a. The structure faith – satniloae, already put in conjunction by such early philosophers as Augustin, was later embraced as credo ut intelligam.

Dumitru Staniloae – Dictionarul Teologilor Romani

If the West and the East – as Christian worlds dogmatlca have an ontological justification, then from a logical point of view p and q should describe them as possible worlds. The underpinning of this resides in Orthodox East’s view upon the relationship between man and God.

We can feel Plato’s influence in his description of the relations stahiloae among the members of the Holy Trinity. By using a metaphor, we can say that Thomas of Aquino Christianised Aristotle, or even that, by studying the work of Aristotle, Thomas became the master metaphysician of the Christian dogma.


Adamut, Literatura si Filozofie Crestina, vol. If the referent of the tern “Christian” is describable as a domatica state, then either the adjustment between the notion and the object is false, or the idea of “Christian” has been turned into a void notion of the square-circle type.

Thus, for example, Monologion is conceived as a model of meditation on certain truths of faith, just as the subsequent Proslogion – based stzniloae unum argumentumor the ontological argumentation. More exactly, if p – which describes the West as the actual Christian world of today – is true, then p must also be possible in the East, as an actual present-day Christian world.

Hence, we cannot derive logically the conclusion that Orthodoxy and Catholicism can be described by contradictory terms.

Eroare – Universitatea „Aurel Vlaicu” din Arad

It is knowledge by experience. It was in these great universities that the seeds of the Renaissance were planted, and it was also here that, gradually and continuously, Western culture was moulded doymatica a culture whose pragmatic-rationalistic creativity is in accordance with the typologies described by Ioan Biris.

Obviously, this existential division comes from Plato and – we must point out – was also taken dogmaticca by Christianity, i. Besides, inemperor Justinian closed the Academy in Athens, thus depriving the so-called “pagan world” from any kind of scientific manifestation.

During the first Christian centuries the situation was different. Dogmatuca did God Turn into Man falls under the same category. His questions concern the One per se and the Being per se: The work of Anselmus must also be analysed in this spirit. Conjoined ecclesiastic and political decisions – which stamiloae the schism and hence a relation of contradiction between the West and the East – presupposed a series of ingredients of political, economic, social, cultural and, obviously, doctrinal nature.