Up For Auction, E-MU E Ultra Pro Digital Sampler with power supply in great E-MU Ultra with road case manuals and system disks. Get manuals, specifications, and demos for the E-Mu E Ultra sampler. E-mu Systems E Ultra Sampler Rack Module Check out the EOS Operation Manual on the CD-ROM that came with your unit for detailed information on.

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Already have an account? There are no reviews to display. The E Ultra provides almost all the features and expandability of the other Ultra series samplers e5000 a greatly reduced price. This is an Ultra powerful instrument with the impeccable audio quality that has made E-MU famous. You are going to love this machine. We strive to exceed your expectations! Advanced digital signal processing features like: Modulation sources include three multi-stage envelope generators and two multi-wave LFOs per channel, as well as full MIDI modulation control over virtually every parameter.

The digital patchbay also contains a set of arithmetic modifiers which allow you to ultga complex synthesis models.


E-MU E Ultra – E-MU Samplers

Twenty one different filter types are implemented. The modular design of E lets you add hardware features as you need without paying for features you don’t.

For starters, the E contains an incredible 64 channels of polyphony 32 stereo. The E Ultra sampler is 16 part multi-timbral, for complex sequencing and sound effects creation, and can be remote controlled by an external computer using SMDI.

Other Media Files : E-MU E5000 Ultra

Built-in Digital Effects A high quality internal effects processor adds reverb and chorus effects while keeping the sound in the digital domain. Sounds with effects applied can easily be resampled and then saved as an entirely new sound with ambience and majual included.

Sound Libraries All the Ultra Series samplers have full access to the huge library of sounds available from E-mu and many other sources.

Sampling is a standard feature with selectable sample rates of Sampling can be performed in either mono or true stereo. With fully expanded memory, the E Ultra provides over 24 minutes of sampling time! An internal expansion socket allows you to install up to 32 MB of sample ROM, ee-mu is instantly ready to use. E Ultra can resample its own output in the digital domain for layering and the creation of new and exciting effects.

The E Ultra is based on the latest G-chip and H-chip digital hardware. The G-chip allows smooth sample transposition over a octave range while the U,tra retain the warm, musical character of traditional analog filters. Your E Ultra sampler is an extremely powerful and reliable tenth generation instrument.


We at Emu sincerely hope it will help you realize and further your musical aspirations. Ulra keyboard can control all Ultra Series front panel operations including naming and browsing. The Flash option allows you to create your own custom sample bank. Attack, Decay, Decay 2, Sustain, Release.

Several features including tap tempo, octave extension, note value divisor and control over how the extensions are played up, down, or up and down or random. Go to synthesizers E-mu. Create an account or sign in to leave a review You need to be a member in order to leave a review Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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