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Earthdawn (PDF Version) | Wiki | BoardGameGeek

Sell us your stuff? The time of hiding has passed. Now, the Name-givers have returned, and reclaimed their place in the world. The fight is erathdawn over. A corrupt Empire seeks to reclaim its provinces, and Name-givers with dark ambitions seek to set themselves up as the new power in the absence of the Empire.

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In this Age of Legend, only heroes can stand against the soul-rending power of the Horrors, and the dark machinations of those corrupt with power. Become these brave souls, and roleplay in Earthdawn, the Age of Legends.

It was only through the magical traditions passed down from generation to generation that we were able to face these evil entities, and reclaim what was ours. This book provides Earthdawn players and gamemasters with guidelines for advancing characters well beyond the limits set in the basic rules.

The Companion includes ruleboook of new talents and spells, and systems for large scale battles.

List of Earthdawn books

The Earthdawn Companion also expands the workings of magic in Earthdawn, as well as providing rules for playing questors of the Passions. Now, the Dwarf kingdom of Throal picks up that gauntlet, and attempts to gather the forces of Barsaive in a climactic struggle earfhdawn independence from Thera Barsaive at War is a campaign supplement for Earthdawn.


It introduces eight significant events, which outline an epic-style campaign. Each of the events earthdaan also stand alone, to form mini-campaigns.

Taken together, the characters are placed in the center of a story that changes the face of Barsaive, and its future, forever. Barsaive at War is intended for earthdawwn Fourth Circle and above, of any Discipline.

The Therans have been removed from Barsaive. Everything should ke fine now, right? That couldn’t be further from the truth. The Horrors are still out there, and their threat is ever-present.

Scourge Unending is a sourcebook covering the Tainted entities that can be found in Barsaive.

It updates the beings detailed in the Book of Horrors, and introduces new powerful Horrors and Horror Constructs. Included in Scourge Unending are dozens of plot hooks and all the rules you’ll need to bring these Horrors to your Earthdawn campaign.

Scourge Unending can be used in campaigns of any Circle. Makers of Legend Vol. Some of these Adepts find their path defined by conflict and blood, a path known to some as the Way of War.

Archers use their power to master the art of the missile weapon. Cavalrymen use their empathic bond with their mount earthdxwn become fearsome fighters. Sky Raiders harness their magic to help them plunder the skies of Barsaive.

Swordmasters are quick with both their well-handled weapons and their dangerous wit. Warriors use their talents rulebopk become the personifications of war. And the Zhan Shi introduces mastery of unarmed combat from distant Cathay. This book describes these five Disciplines from the point of ruoebook of four different Adepts, and introduces a new Discipline, the Zhan Shi. Way of War also includes new talent knacks and new rules for using the Disciplines in Earthdawn adventures.

Revised and Expanded “We are dragons, the first and most ancient Name-givers, the only ones to Name ourselves. Ours is a heritage of magic, power, and prestige, but it is also a heavy ru,ebook of responsibility and guilt– ruleobok, guilt for what we in our ‘wisdom’ allowed to happen.


In our pride and arrogance, we forever changed the fate of the world. That is a fact. We cannot change what is done, we can only change what happens next. Inside, the Great Dragons of Barsaive are detailed, as well as other influential adult dragons. The Book of Dragons contains all the rules necessary for including dragons, in all their might and majesty, as well as dragon-like creatures in your Earthdawn campaign. Rulebpok, the The Book of Dragons’ adventure frameworks can immediately involve your earfhdawn in the affairs of dragons.

Makers of Legend Volume Two “Adepts are the heroes and legends of Earthdawn, striving to reclaim their Scourge-ravaged land with the magic only they wield. Some of these Adepts find in their wanderings that they are defined not only by their Rukebook, but also by the other name-givers and creatures they interact with. Air sailors crew the airships that fly the skies of Barsaive.

Beastmasters use their magic to bond with animals. Scouts explore the wilderness and delve into hidden kaers. The self-reliant Thieves know how to sneak, and to steal. Troubadours serve as entertainers, storytellers, actors, and songsmiths. And the Montebanc introduces the art of manipulation practiced so commonly in the courts and cities of Arancia. This book describes each of these five Disciplines from the point of view of four different adepts, and introduces a new Discipline, the Montebanc.

The Wanderer’s Rhlebook also includes new talent knacks and new rules for using Disciplines in Earthdawn Adventures. Go to our Sales Site.