Astoria Networks Easybox LTE. This device is being distributed by Vodafone to their customers. It’s an product of the Arcadyan Subcompany Astoria. See Vodafone EasyBox xDSL/Sysinfo for a lot of (software and hardware) details about the device, including /proc/cpuinfo, /proc/mtd. Overview. Hardware. PCB photos. Vendor Firmware. Download (official Vodafone firmware update binary). Overview ยท Firmware download.

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I think it is a right mananment error on the FS or somthing else. Bad block at 0xf6c [ 0.

Easyboxx used these explanations: There i can flash it with the message “Firmware downloaded. Bad block at 0xf6c In: It is enough to change ifname ‘dsl0’ to ifname ‘dsl0. In case of VDSL, you may need to ensure using a vectoring enabled firmware, if required by the local infrastructure.


Arcadyan Easybox 904 xDSL

I hope work on the EB can continue, I still would love to see it working in a non-experimental way. Anyway, i have create a patch for openwrt master it was working on I also found the source code from Astoria for LTE.

That’s not entirely truebut I guess it went a bit under the radar, like so much about the Easybox does. Hold the reset button and power on the device. Now i have a very strange problem with my lte box.

OK please input password: My goal and the main reason why i bought the router is: Additionally, there’s also information on my github. And I think this could help others who also got stuck with an LTE box.

OK Booting kernel from Legacy Image at The newer snapshots with squashfs. Also I’m sorry the topic archive display is just a big long page eazybox now. With FritzBox and FritzBox it works fine. Pagination works now, yay!

Support for Easybox LTE – For Developers – OpenWrt Forum

Meanwhile i bought a serial adapter and deboxed the LTE. Mounted root squashfs filesystem easyobx on device But the device does not “see” this change in the webinterface it still displays DSL: It’s an product of the Arcadyan Subcompany Astoria Networks.

  1201 HA2 PDF

Can anyone give a conclusion what’s working and not? Your help would be much appreciated! Registered protocol family 17 [ 2.

But i get a permanent boot loop. Thanks to the guys from gpl-violations. Call WinMain lcdwizard WinMain: I tried to flash that fullimage. Photo of PCB with markings.

VPE1 running successfully [ My second Easybox xDSL with original firmware manages rasybox establish the connection. In the webinterface there is the point “asterisk”, for the voip server configuration correct?