Class, Va, Vg2, Vg1, Ia, Ig2, Ra, S, Zout, Pout, THD. Triode, , 0, , 27,, A S/E, , , , 35, 7, 20,, , 5,, , Tube ECL 82 or Röhre ECL82 ID, Triode-Beam Power Tube, Noval, B9A and Audio Frequency shown. Radio tubes are valves. Page 1. Page 2.

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Log in or Sign up. Apr 15, 1. It has been a long road posted on other boards but it comes to an end, so here it is: Some pictures from the beginning to now: The actual schematic today: Schematic with a better power supply not built Video not the last schematic http: Apr 15, 2. Congratulation on completing your build.

Looks like a tight squeeze in that chassis.

I built my datasheet amp using this site http: Very good idea to include the FET preamp in your amp. Didn’t need a lot of distortion for my taste and had a good sound with a 12AV7.

6BM8/ECL82 GE Power Pentode & Triode Miniature Vacuum Tube 9-Pin NOS New Old Stock in Box

Jebrone LamesApr 15, Apr 15, 3. Did not try any dirt pedal yet, but between 3 o’clock and full it’s a huge overdrive with my P Apr 15, 4. Very cool dztasheet super compact!

It would be interesting to try making the FET bypassable and datashheet something like a Valvelitzer or a Matsumin ValveCaster in front of the amp. That could make for some really impressive tube sound out of a very small setup! Apr 15, 5. My goal was KISS, so i prefer it this way, i do not like the sound of tubes under low plate voltage neither, would rather use a Mosfet as a preamp or simply a booster in front.


I designed datasheeg Tube booster too not built yet but it runs at volts New video: Apr 17, 6. Apr 18, 7.

(PDF) ECL82 Datasheet download

Consistent tone and brightness all along the pot’s travel now. Apr 26, 8. I have some ECL86 in “store”. I know it have a different pine out, but I would like to use them to do this king of little amp.

3 watts KISS amp, one tube 6BM8/ECL82/6F3P PC power supply enclosure.

I suppose, according to the tolerances, I can used your schematic with only changing the Kathode resistance from to R? Apr 26, 9. Wow that thing sounds great!

AirBagTesterApr 26, Apr 26, Best would be perhaps you need room to use a small transformer wired on the heaters AC, but you can take the power from the AC HT using a cap as a transformeror even, given the low consumption of a Fet and you can go down to 0,5 mA with a BFA, just use a 2K2 source resistor take the current from the DC HT trough a voltage divider the bridge should draw 10 times ecl822 current drawn by the preamp for stability, maybe only 5 time may work.


Apr 27, I ecl8 the Tele in the video, too. It looks like it survived a fire!! This lil amp sounds soo good!

Love the bell like tele tones. BerndizzleApr 27, Apr 29, Dead quiet now Forgot to order the ceramic caps, so no change at the input of the triode, but the amp turned darker for whatever reason CC resistor? The anode dissipates about 7,6 watts which is perfectly center-biased for this OT considering as Merlin says that the anode of a power pentode can go almost to 0 volts.

So we can expect the amp to be a true 3,5 watter. Apr 30, I fined-tuned the power, the compression at full tilt etc.

(PDF) ECL82 Datasheet PDF Download – Triode – Pentode

May 19, New vid, with my new speaker, a Red Fang 10″: May 20, GuitarnutMay 20, May 21, Datasheef, i think so BTW, updated schematic: Big noise for a little box, good stuff. Telenut62May 21, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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