Łomnicki A., Ekologia ewolucyjna – or any other handbook for Evolutionary Ecology. A lectures for self-study. Science and popular science articles – selected. Krzanowska H., Łomnicki A., Rafiński J., Szarski H., Szymura J. Zarys mechanizmów ewolucji. Łomnicki A. Ekologia ewolucyjna. Wydawnictwo . Biogeografia wysp – część ekologii dotycząca rozmieszczenia i liczebności gatunków . Zaobserwowali oni np. ewolucyjno-ekologiczne zmiany zachodzące w . Providence, strony 77–; cyt. według A. Łomnicki, Ekologia ewolucyjna, s.

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Though heterozygosity-fitness correlations have been studied since more than three decades they are still a subject of discussions. Two assumptions for testing heterozygosity-fitness correlations are crucial: In theoretical background, three hypotheses are suggested: The general effect hypothesis suggests that heterozygosity in markers reflects heterozygosity at genome-wide loci.

The direct effect hypothesis elucidates heterozygote advantage as a result of functional overdominance in comparison with homozygote. The local effect hypothesis explains heterozygosity-fitness correlation as a result of physical linkage between neutral molecular markers and closely linked gene fitness loci.

Beyond the beneficial effects of translocations as an effective tool for the genetic restoration of isolated populations. Heterozygosity is unrelated to adult fitness measures in a large, noninbred population of great tits Parus major.

A quantitative review of heterozygosity-fitness correlations in animal ewolucyjnna. Microsatellite measures of inbreeding: Genetic structure of avian populations – allozymes revisited. Microsatellite null alleles in parentage analysis.

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Biogeografia wysp – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

On the estimation of genome-wide heterozygosity using molecular markers. Heterozygosity-fitness correlations in zebra finches: Inbreeding, body condition, and heterozygosity-fitness ewoluvyjna in isolated populations of the endangered eastern massasauga rattlesnake Sistrurus c.

Heterozygosity-fitness correlations and their relevance to studies on inbreeding depression in threatened species. On the correlation between heterozygosity and fitness in natural populations.

Evolutionary Biology – Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw

Microsatellite diversity predicts recruitment of sibling great reed warblers. Does linkage disequilibrium generate heterozygosity-fitness correlations in great reed warblers? Exploring the mechanisms underlying a heterozygosity-fitness correlation for canine size in the Antarctic fur seal Arctocephalus gazella.

Allozyme-associated heterosis in Drosophila melanogaster. Testing the influence of family structure and outbreeding depression on heterozygosity-fitness correlations in small populations. Inbreeding effects in wild populations.

Vero C. Wynne-Edwards

Reproductive success depends on the quality of helpers in the endangered, cooperative El Oro parakeet Pyrrhura orcesi. Microsatellite diversity and fitness in stranded juvenile harp seals Phoca groenlandica. Evolutionary dynamics of wild populations: Heterozygosity-behaviour correlations in nine-spined stickleback Pungitius pungitius populations: Genetics and analysis of quantitative traits.

Heterozygosity-fitness correlations and assiciative overdominance: Neutral locus heterozygosity, inbreeding, and survival in Darwin’s ground finches Geospiza fortis and Ekologiz. Heterozygosity-fitness correlations in adult and juvenile Zenaida Dove, Zenaida aurita. Correlations between heterozygosity and reproductive success in the blue tit Cyanistes caeruleus: Measuring inbreeding depression in the wild: Allozyme heterozygosity and escape response performance ewolucyja the scallops, Argopecten purpuratus and Placopecten magellanicus.


Microevolution in agricultural environments: Sources, sinks, and population regulation. Heterozygosity-fitness correlations and inbreeding depression in two critically endangered mammals. Inbreeding and extinction in a butterfly metapopulation.

Male heterozygosity predicts territory size, song structure and reproductive success in ewolucyjnz cooperatively breeding bird. Condition-dependent, phenotype-dependent and genetic-dependent factors in the natal dispersal of a solitary rodent. Comparing molecular measures for detecting inbreeding depression.

Negative heterozygosity – fitness correlations observed with microsatellites located in functional areas of the genome. Parasites as mediators of heterozygosity-fitness correlations in the Great Tit Parus major. Positive genetic correlations among major life-history traits related to ecological success in the aphid Myzus persicae.


Adaptation at specific loci. Natural selection on phosphoglucose isomerase of Colias butterflies: Short allele dominance as a source of heterozygote deficiency at microsatellite loci: Notatki Ornitologiczne 48, JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. Turn it on to take full advantage of this site, then refresh the page.