PALABRAS CLAVE: Civilización Maya, Códice de Dresde, Venus, of the Dresden Codex describe the Mayan Venus calendar along with the augural. Códice de Dresde. Un comentario al Códice de Dresde. Libro de jeroglifos mayas (Spanish Edition) [Thompson John Eric Sidney] on *FREE* . Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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O Códice de Dresden

Miller, Mary Ellen The Dresden Codex contains 78 pages with decorative board covers on the front and back. The codex was rediscovered in the city of Dresden, Germanyhence the book’s present name.

Date Created – Return to top of page. And Soviet linguistics expert Yuri Knorozov discovered that de Landa’s alphabet was actually a phonetic syllabary.

New Theories on the Ancient Maya.

The Dresden Codex is a Mayan book, the oldest surviving from the Americas, dating to the 13th or 14th century. The MayaLondon: Most of the codices were destroyed by conquistadors and Catholic priests in the 16th century. By using this site, you agree df the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Though a wide variety of gods and goddesses appear in the Dresden Codex, the Moon Goddess is the only neutral figure [12].


The Maya developed their huun -paper around the 5th century, [1] which is roughly the same time that the codex became predominant over the scroll in the Roman world.

Los códices prehispánicos | Arqueología Mexicana

Thames and Hudson, 4th ed. Pages 01 – 12 This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat It is located in the museum of the Saxon State Library. To download and save, ds click on the file, choose “save as” from the menu, pick a location for example “My Documents” and click “Save”.

Other scholars have expressed a drresde opinion, noting that the codex is similar in style to murals found at Chichen ItzaMayapan and sites on the east coast such as Santa Rita, Tancah and Tulum.

University Museum Monograph series, no. This is available from: We’ve found that it’s faster and easier to view these documents if you download the individual files to your computer and open them locally.

While the three codices above were known to scholars since the 19th century, the Grolier Codex only surfaced in the s.

Latin American Indian Literatures Journal. In September Coe and other researchers published findings supporting its authenticity; [35] but in an extensive rejoinder AugustBruce Love [36] concluded that the artefact’s authenticity had not been established.

Apparently it was colored by hand–for not all of the same-numbered pages from the different copies are identical Justin Kerr’s Photographs of the Kingsborough are available below.


These have, of course, become extremely rare, and I have never seen an or copy for sale. Mysterious ancient Maya book, Grolier Codex, is genuine: Such codices were the primary written records of Maya civilization, together with the many inscriptions on stone monuments and stelae that survived.

He also argues that the astronomical tables would support this as the place of origin. They pointed out a long series of inconsistencies and errors in the alleged codex, and drew attention to its art historical improbability and its uselessness for astrological and divinatory purposes.

It is the most elaborate of the codices, and also a highly important specimen of Maya art. It received direct water damage that was significantly destructive from being kept in a flooded basement during the bombing of Dresden in World War II.

Handbook of Archaeastronomy and Ethnoastronomy: After a study was conducted which includes everything from X-rays to UV imaging and microscopic analysis, in the authenticity of the Grolier Codex was announced. Drwsde years later the first reproduction drawing of it was prepared for Lord Kingsboroughby his Lombardian artist Agostino Aglio.