PRONTUARIO ENSIDESA – MANUAL PARA CÁLCULO DE ESTRUCTURAS METÁLICAS – Tomo I Valores estáticos. Resistencia de materiales. Estructuras. Prontuario ENSIDESA: manual para cálculo, v Prontuario Ensidesa: manual para cálculo de estructuras metálicas. Materiales, valores estáticos, resistencia de materiales, estructuras elementales. I.

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He has three research incentive awards and the silver medal of UNED. He is director of more tan 50 Master final thesis, final engineering projects and doctoral thesis. You need to have JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Industrial engineer, Technical University of Madrid. Project engineer Civil group and Earthquake qualification group. Director of more than 50 Master final thesis, final engineering projects and doctoral thesis.

Numerical Simulation in Engineering Finite elements and finite volumes Meshless methods Boundary element method Dynamic of structures Earthquake engineering Steel construction.

ISBNMadrid. PgsBOE, Madrid. The Generalized Finite Difference Method. Introduction to Finite Element Method. Pgs 1, 10, R. Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering.


European Journal of Mechanics. Influence of several factors pronhuario the Generalized Finite Difference Method. An h-adaptive method in the generalized finite differences. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. Improvements of Generalized Finite Difference Methods and comparison with other meshless methods.

The Direct Boundary Element Method: Site effects assessment on laterally varying layered media methodology Soil Dynamics and protnuario Engineering. Computational error approximation ensiesa h-adaptive algorithm for the 3-D Generalized Finite Difference Method.

The use of Direct Boundary Element Method for gainings insight into complex seismic site response. Solving parabolic and hyperbolic equations by Generalized Finite Differences Method. Journal of Computacional and Applied Mathematics. A posteriori error estimator and indicator in Generalized Finite Differences Method. Application to improve the approximated solution of elliptic pdes. International Journal of Computer Mathematics. Pseudo-spectral finite difference adaptive method for the spherical shallow water equations.

Check-list Prontuario NR 20 – PDF Free Download

An adaptive solver for the spherical shallow water equations. Application of the Generalized Finite Difference method to solve the advection-diffusion equation. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. Modelling of the advection-diffusion equation with a meshless method without numerical diffusion.


Solving third and four order partial differential equations using GFDM. Application to solve problems of plates. A note on the application of the generalized finite difference method to seismic wave propagation in 2. D Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. No Issue 12, Pgs. Solving anisotropic elliptic and parabolic equations by a meshless method: A finite volume-difference method with a stiff ordinary differential equation solver for advection-diffusion-reaction equation.

Ensidesa, by Alicia Corchn

International Journal of Conputer Mathematics. Member of Research group of earthquake engineering. Technical University of Madrid.