Oggetto generale della tesi è il benessere del cavallo, particolarmente riguardo RE, basato sull’applicazione di alcuni concetti di etologia equina (inerenti le. Etologia del cavallo. Recommend · Ask question. Be the first to rate this product. PayPal Logo. ×This website uses cookies. You agree to this by using this page. Abituazione e desensibilizzazione | Etologia del cavallo.

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Use of experimentergiven cues during object-choice tasks by capuchin monkeys.


Domestic dogs Canis familiaris are sensitive to the attentional state of humans. J Comp Psychol Etologia applicata e benessere animale. Responses of horses to novel visual, etplogia and auditory stimuli. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 93, Journal of Comparative PsycholgyVol. Species-speciWc diVerences and similarities in the behavior of hand-raised dog and wolf pups in social situations with humans.

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Are readers of our face readers of our minds? The importance of ethology in understanding the behaviour of the horse.

Etologia del cavallo

The role of the horse in Europe. Equine Veterinary Jouranl Suppl.

Proceedings of the 2nd international equitation science symposium. Veterinary Faculty of Milano, Italy.

Chimpanzees acvallo what conspecifics do and do not see. Social cognitive evolution in captive foxes is a correlated by-product of experimental domestication. Reproduction in feral horses: American Journal of Veterinary Research. Social interaction of free-ranging Przewalski horses in semi-reserves in the Netherlands.

Applide Animal Behaviour Science. Social feeding decisions cvallo horses Equus caballus. Epub Jan Horses Equus caballus use human local enhancement cues and adjust to human attention. La rilevanza della cognizione sociale del cavallo per il suo benessere. Comprehension of human pointing gestures in horses Equus caballus. A guide for veterians and equine scientists. Use of human-given cues by domestic dogs Canis familiaris and horses Equus caballus.

etologia del cavallo | The Cognitive Horse

Short-term spatial memory in the domestic horse. Appl Anim Behav Sci The Origins, Development, and Management of its Behaviour, ed. Trends Cogn Sci 7: Do chimpanzees tailor their gestural signals to Wt the attentional states of others? Cavaloo understand psychological states—the question is which ones and to what extent.


Comportamento ed etologia del cavallo Il branco selvatico: Bibliografia Contatti Blog Etologo …trattiamo un problema alla volta! Etologia, un approccio evolutivo.

Per capire il tuo cavallo gira lo specchio verso di te

I cavalli di federico. The behaviour of the horse. Clever Hans, the horse of Mr. Recent Posts Nomina come responsabile del Dip. Corsi cavalllo etologia in collaborazione con IHP!!! Proudly powered by WordPress.