Fantasy Grounds – Evernight (Savage Worlds). This content requires the base game Fantasy Grounds on Steam in order to play. All Reviews: No user reviews. Notice. Making heroes for Evernight is as easy as creating characters for any Savage Worlds game. You’ll find a character sheet designed. Savage Worlds has 20 ratings and 2 reviews. Marcelo said: This is a very good scenario for Savage World. Even being published so long ago, it’s still a f.

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Login or Sign Up. Today’s Posts Member List Calendar. Evernight characters I’m evrnight what I should do with some of the core classes.

Savage Worlds: Evernight by Shane Lacy Hensley

So obviously, only humans can be Paladins or Clerics. Also, I probably will not allow Dragonborn or Tieflings but everything else is fine. Without getting into too much detail it’s earlythere’s a LOT to consider.

Bardic and druidic magic isn’t really a thing in the original setting. Part of that has to do with Savage Worlds not really having rules for them.

But then ask yourself why. And does that necessarily jive with the setting as depicted? It’s a dark work with little-to-no fvernight. The citizenry is likely dour. Vegetation is probably scarce.

Circadian rhythms are probably out of whack for everything, so animals and people alike may be on edge. Non-humans with darkvision have a distinct advantage over humans, who wordls no longer be dominant. Or, at the very least, a repressive majority who cannot do as much on their own. And with an over-reliance on darkvision, color in objects and clothing becomes largely meaningless. It’s a dark, drab world.


Even if bardic evfrnight were a thing, who would want to sing or play an instrument in such a dark and depressing place? And yeah, that’s me “not getting into too much detail. Seems like Bards would be needed more than ever, then. Originally posted by Jonah Hex View Post. I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn’t always clear.

In Middle-Earth lore, the world and all of Creation was made by song and music. Eru Iluvitar, his Valar, and his Maiar all sang and created music in harmony, which brought everything into existence. Following this train of thought, bards have magical powers because they have somehow found this “magic of the world” and are able to affect it as such.

It kind of builds off the same idea behind spells needing somatic and vocal components: That design philosophy just didn’t carry over to Savage Worlds. I’m not saying you can’t include it, but it’s why I wouldn’t. To me that sounds like a dislike for one source causing you to dislike a class in general.

It makes for good lore but there could be other reasons as well. Even so, modern society has philosophies that talk about the music of the heavens and the like.

Most of those have no lore about the universe being sung into existence. Tap that concept for your Bards and you are back to more Savage Worlds style powers. Other power users don’t need to “conduct” magic but Bards are tapping into a different aspect of power and need to sing dance, chant, play instruments, etc.


To be honest though, I have no experience with the Evernight setting so really cannot comment on how well it, or any class or race, would fit. I have way too much time but do not always edit myself properly. Please do not take offense.

Originally posted by Erolat View Post. Originally posted by Jounichi View Post. In Evernight, the AB Magic is divided into schooled wizards those with the Wizard Edge and “hedge wizards” self-taught and without the Edge.

A bard or sorcerer could theoretically fit that mold.

Savage Worlds: Evernight

So could a fighter eldritch knight or rogue arcane trickster. Or maybe it’s a brand new arcane tradition for wizards. And I do think it’s an important cultural distinction to draw. The people of Tarth view wizards as being different than any other arcane caster.

And the same goes for sun priests light everight clerics and red knights oath of devotion paladins. They all occupy specific roles, so any other spellcasters includes should be done so with the knowledge of just where they’d fit in the grand scheme of things. I think that’s seriously stretching what the idea of a “hedge wizard” is. It certainly doesn’t fit any tropes I’m aware of. Why are you using 5e? Wild Speculation – players want to use that system.