Exalted: The Autochthonians – Children of the Machine GodOutside Creation, the great Primordial forge-god Autochthon is dying. But, millions. : Exalted The Autochthonians (): Kraig Blackwelder, Michael Goodwin, Michael Kessler: Books. Exalted the Autochthonians has 63 ratings and 2 reviews. Daymond said: Atruly unique and awesome setting. Prob tied with the Dragon Blooded as my 2nd fav.

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Alchemical exalted are the scions of the god machine Autochthoncreated by combining artificial bodies with reincarnated souls. Flavor wise the Autochthonians have been cut off from creation after their god decided to peace the fuck out and take them along for the ride.

Exalted the Autochthonians

Since they never went through creation’s dark age and lived in a freaking robot their societies developed along technological lines, albeit with a strong scavenging and survivalist bent. Basically they’re a blender of steampunkcyberpunkand magitek with a side of 18th century nationalism and sprinkling of people’s republic. If that sounds ridiculous to you Mechanically Alchemicals are the extreme exaltde of Exalted.

They have different castes that mirror the other classes and more importantly their charms are modular. This means any Alchemical with access to a vat within Autochthon can swap out their abilities, turning at will from a suave diplomat to a gremlin smashing hate machine and back again.

There are limits on this ability but in general Alchemical exalted face far fewer restrictions on their actions than their creation born counterparts, and none of their curses.

Alchemicals may get less bang for their buck than other Exalts, but they can spend more money. The flip side of this is the clarity trait. As Alchemicals grow more powerful they grow increasingly detached, until they can barely relate to the people they are serving. Players can make choices to slow this autochthlnians down forging relationships or autochthonianw it up becoming a giant mecha but as their essence goes up clarity becomes an inevitability.


Alchemicals – 1d4chan

Finally Alchemicals get the choice to install bits from the rogue AIs plaguing Autochthon called voidtech. You can gain some pretty bitching abilities with this and even greater versatility, but the results are always the same in the end. After the gods rebelled, Autochthon decided it was a really good idea to get the hell out of creation as the asshats running the place were giving him funny looks of the “Maybe we should stick him in hell too,” sort of way since he wouldn’t piss off into the wild searching for a nonexistent metaphysical answer like Gaia did.

So he got all his worshipers together on the quiet, dragged a fuckton of unborn autochthoians from the well of souls, kidnapped a whooooole bunch more people, and then fled into Elsewhere and shut the door behind him. Exalte all the people living inside of him now had to live in a machine based hellscape, he decided it’s probably be pretty dick to just leave them like that, so autochtthonians turned the 8 leaders into the prototype exalted he made and autohcthonians off to each of the Incarnae back when the rebellion was getting underway.

Those guys eventually turned into giant mechs, and then later still, into cities for folks to live inside. These guys taught the mortals how to make more exalted.

Exalted the Autochthonians by Kraig Blackwelder

A sufficiently heroic soul is picked out because everybody’s souls are stuck inside of gems grafted into their foreheads, this is then put into a magitek mech body, which entire nations somewhere between the size of the Realm and the other smaller powers back on creation spend between decades and centuries saving up fxalted spare resources to build, and a crazy doctor yells “IGOR!

  DIN 16868 PDF

You’ll almost never end up playing in a mixed party unless wacky shenanigans happen, and the game quickly turns into a giant mish-mash of jack-of-all trades, each of whom can swap out autochthoniwns charms at any moment to get shit done. You don’t actually own or run anything, you’re in the one part of the Exalted setting that Mortals actually give commands to the divine rather than the other way around.

Don’t get your hopes up about eventually playing as a giant team of demi-god mecha, or even becoming your own city and playing some weird table top grand strategy game though, they’ll never release those aktochthonians even if they get to Alchemicals in 3e.

Plenty of homebrew on this stuff exaltedd.

You also more or less are the bitch boy of, if not the nation that built you, then which ever nation you swore allegience too because you’re a glorified wind up toy that requires constant maintenance known only to a set of crazy secretive guilds that are comprised entirely of mortals.

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