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Home Documents Living in the heart drunvalo melchizedek. Post on May 6. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner withoutprior written permission from the publisher,except in the case of brief quotationsembodied in critical reviews and melcjizedek.

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ISBN Published by: Dedicated to my Love, my wife Claudette When I met my wife I knew that she held a tradition of understandingthe heart that was over four thousand years old.

Kolettes lineage goes hack to the first people on Earth to write about the Mer-Ka-Ba Merkavah in Hebrew in this cycle. But the males of this tribe who were teaching the Mer-Ka-Ba found that their people were not readyfor direct interdimensional experience and became extremely emotionally disturbed once they interacted with other worlds directly.

In order to solve this problem, the females of this tribe created a system of knowledge to pre- pare their people for the other worlds by using floareea female mystery of the Images of the Heart. When my wife first exposed me to these images, I could find nothingwithin me to explain what they were or how they were working upon thehuman soul. All I knew was that they worked. Over eight years of studying Claudettes work eventually led me in thedirection of the research for this book.

I feel sure that without her influenceI would still be searching for drubvalo answers within the mind. And so I amindebted to her, for her Images of the Heart eventually led me to this expe-rience that I am about to share with you.

Claudette, I love you and thankyou from the bottom of my heart. If someone says to you, “In the fortified city of the imperishable, our body, there is a lotus and in this lotus a tiny space: Preface SinceI have been intensely studying meditation and thehuman lightbody called the Mer-Ka-Ba, and my being has beenabsorbed in this ancient tradition for most of my adult life.

It alwaysseemed to me to be all encompassing and the answer to my myriadquestions about life. My inner guidance taught me the sacredgeometries that led to my discovery of the lightbody, and sacredgeometry itself appeared to be complete and hold all the knowledgeand mysteries of the universe.

It was truly amazing. After many years of experience within these fields of light, how-ever, it slowly became clear to me that there was more, yet for a longtime I couldnt articulate what it was. Somewhere within the innerworlds of my spaces, an esoteric jewel of immense spiritual valuethat goes beyond the Mer-Ka-Ba gradually made its way into my life. And for what reason? Vieti can only assume that it was to melchizefek used. So these words are my gift to you, for truly I know who you areand I love you as the Earth loves the Sun.

I believe in you, and Ibelieve you will use this knowledge wiselybut I am also not con-cerned that you might misuse this information, as it cannot bemisused. Introductionong, long ago we humans were quite different. We couldcommunicate and experience in ways that only a few intodays modern world would even begin to understand. We coulduse a form of communication and sensing that does not involve thebrain whatsoever but rather comes from a sacred space within thehuman heart. In Druncalo the Aborigines are still connected in an ancient web oflife they call dream time.


Dfunvalo this collective dream or state of con-sciousness they continue to exist within their hearts and live andbreathe in a world that has become almost completely lost to todaysWestern mind.

Nearby, in New Zealand, the Maori can see across thevastness of space to the United States in their “meditations. Without sending a single”technological” communication, the arrangements are made.

InHawaii, the Kahuna commune with Mother Earth to ask for the placewhere the fish are swimming to feed their people. The billowing whiteclouds in the pristine blue sky turn into the shape of a human handthat points to the teeming fish below. In a high mountain valley deepin the Sierra Nevada mountains of Colombia, South America, lives atribe of indigenous people who know the language that has no words. This language comes from a sacred space within their hearts. If only floraea could remember!

Before Babylon, the Holy Bible vketii was blessed with a single language that all peoples on 9. But afterwards we were split into hundreds of spo-ken languages creating barriers among us, keeping us separate fromone another, each in our own little vietio world. The mistrust born of misunderstanding was our involuntary fate; inthis fashion we were destined to be pitted against each other. Wecouldnt talk to each other.

It was separation in the coldest form. Evenif they were born of the same cosmic Source, brothers and sisters wereunable to express their thoughts and feelings and soon became ene-mies. As the centuries piled upon each other, the ancient way ofentering the heart to experience the common dream got lost in theisolation of the human mind. This is a book of remembering. You have always had this placewithin your heart, and it is still there now. It existed before creation,and it will exist even after the last star shines its brilliant light.

Atnight when you enter your dreams, you leave your mind and enteryour sacred space of your heart. But do you remember? Or do youonly remember the dream? Why am I telling you about this “something” that is fading fromour memories?

What good would it do to find this place again in aworld where the greatest religion is science and the logic of the mind?

Dont 1 know that this is a world where emotions and feelings aresecond-class citizens? But my teachers have asked me to remind you who nelchizedek are. You are more than just a human being, much more. Forwithin your heart is a place, a sacred place where me world can literallybe remade through conscious cocreation. If you really want peace ofspirit and if you want to return home, I invite you into the beauty ofyour own heart.

With your permission I will show you what has beenshown to me. I will give you the exact instructions to the pathwayinto your heart, where you and God are intimately one.

It is your choice. But I must warn you: Within this experienceresides great responsibility. Life knows when a spirit is melvhizedek to thehigher worlds, and life will use you as all the great masters who have If you read this book and do the medita-tion and then expect nothing to change in your life, you may getcaught spiritually napping. Once you deunvalo entered the “Light of theGreat Darkness,” your life will changeeventually, you will remem-ber who you really are; eventually, your life will become a life of serv-ice to humanity.

In the last two chapters reside a surprise and a glimpse of greathope. The human lightbody that surrounds the body for about fifty-five to sixty feet in diameter, the Mer-Ka-Ba which I wrote about inmy first floagea books, The Floarsa Secret of the Flower of Life volumes Iand IIhas a secret inherently connected to this sacred space of theheart.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Geometria Sacra – Floarea vietii 02/19

If you are practicing the Mer-Ka-Ba meditation in your life, Ibelieve you will find the information in this book to be paramount toyour journey of ascension into the higher worlds of light. If you areonly interested vietik the sacred space of the heart, may these words bea blessing in your life and help you remember your true nature.


This book is written with the least amount ofwords possible to convey the meaning and to keep the integrity ofthe essence of this experience. The images are purposefully simple.

drunvalo – [DOC Document]

It is written from the heart, not the mind. I feel we allhave this responsibility, and if I was going to talk about it as 1 did insome of my public lectures, I had to live it. So I opened myself to allthe possibilities that might come my way of how I could personallyhelp heal the environmental conditions on our dear Earth. But so that you understandit is not the subject of cleaning theenvironment itself that is the reason why I am telling you this story.

Itis what happened to me and how my life changed while I was exper-imenting with an environmental machine called the R-2 that began toopen my spirit to a viegii and different manner of experiencing life.

Little did 1 know at the time that these technological experimentswould lead beyond my mind into uncharted parts of my drnuvalo and deep into a melchizedej place within my heart. Clearing the Air with Technology The story begins in Floarfa ofwhen an old friend called me upand asked if I was interested in helping on an air pollution clearingproject he was involved with in Denver, Colorado.

Ill keep his namequiet since I believe he would want me to; Ill just call him Jon. Thisman was a renegade scientist studying all aspects of life and the phys-ical world in a small but sophisticated home lab. I doubt his IQ could even be measured, as he was clearly a mas-ter genius. He had created a new way to “see” into the reality usingmicrowave emissions, which gave him a tremendous advantage insearching for answers in our world.

Even our government, knowinghis work, was not able vieyii duplicate it until just recently. Jon said that he and his associates, one of whom was SlimSpurling with his incredible coils, had found out something about He said that they hadcleared up the air pollution in Denver and that the air was now pris-tine.

He asked me to come and see for myself. I could hardly believe this, vetii I used to live in Boulder,Colorado, just a few miles from Denver, which had at that time, inthe late 70s, the worst air quality in Americaworse than LosAngeles even.

It was one of the reasons Id left Boulder in the firstplace. Actually, I thought Jon might be exaggerating, but knowinghis intellect and genius, pretty much anything was possible. So I fig-ured, why not? I needed to get away anyhow, and this looked likesomething that at the very least would fietii interesting.

I decided to go with an open mind, with no expectations. Evenif what he said wasnt true, this trip would bring me close to thesnowcapped mountains of the Rockies, which always made me feelmore alive.

A week later I stepped off the plane in Denver into a virginalatmosphere the likes drynvalo which I had rarely seen in my life. It wasmore like there was no atmosphere.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Az let Virgnak si titka II.

I could see the trees on themountains in the far distance, twenty miles away. To say my inter-est was piqued is putting it mildly; I was stoked. Could Jon reallyhave done this? An airport taxi crawled up next to me, the driver exuding a soft,relaxed state of mind.