– Focal 13KS Sub’s in doors – Guys Anyone have Focal 13KS speakers in there Door??? Looking for install info Do these fit in the doors. Focal® is a trademark of Focal-JMlab®. BP – , rue de l’Avenir – La Talaudière cedex – France – Tel. +33 4 77 43 57 00 – Fax +33 4 77 43 57 Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 13KS – Focal K2 Power 5″ Watt Subwoofer at Read honest and unbiased product reviews .

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Once the door pannel is removed you will need to cut away the foam insulation I used a straight razor along the factory glue to remove it with no foocal The cut along the middle so it can be glued back in place 2. Unclip the speaker wire connector Remove the 4 Phillips screws holding the speaker box in place More Comming.


Find all posts by asialors Once you get the speaker box out Now comes the fun part You will need 2 washers I am unsure of the suze but they are fender type washers that fit the screws that come with the speaker Next remove the speaker wire that is attached to the box Take the speaker and put a good bead of sillicone on the mounting surface Attach the wires and place the speaker in place Next slide the washers in place 2 for each screw on the forwaed side of the box Next reinstall foam and the mounting ring and sic torx screws with the speaker wire underneath It might not look pretty but it works If anyone has questions feel free to ask!!!

Find all posts by zdr2k. I take it you have the 4″ and the tweeter in the dash as a component. Did you replace the rear speakers or just disconnect them? What are you using for a headunit?

Focal 13KS subwoofers – 996 door speakers

Find all posts by TMAC. Thanks for the info. Find all posts by PasPar2.


The stereo in my car is terrible, I like how it tells me what songs and etc are playing. So you have an amp and aftermarket head unit?

How about a few pics? Find all posts by OhioC5.

Focal 13KS Sub’s in doors – 6SpeedOnline – Porsche Forum and Luxury Car Resource

I have 2 amps and the stock headunit Check out this post Page 1 and 2 have the pics https: Excellent choice of speaker.

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